Saudi Arabia

Updated Prices for Tobacco, Energy Drinks and Soft Drinks

Tobacco, energy drinks, and soft drinks prices increased as a result of a recently implemented selective tax. The new pricing structure takes effect on June 10, 2017.


The following is the most recent list of tobacco product prices.

Soft drinks  (50% TAX)

330ml cans of Pepsi, Coca-Cola, 7up, Dew..etc soft drinks price has been increased to SR 02.25 from SAR 01.50. Moussy beer price has been increased to SAR 04.50

Energy Drinks  (100% TAX)

The price of Redbull 250ml has been increased from SAR 6.00 to SAR 12.00.

The price of bison has been increased to SAR 04.00 from SAR 02.00.

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