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Working on a New Traffic Plan -Ministry

Major General Bassam Al-Attiyah of the Ministry of Interior (MOI) said that the ministry is working on a new traffic plan that will include the development of the existing plan, adding that the reason for this is because the Kingdom’s cities are experiencing a boom in population density along with infrastructure and roads projects.

This came during a press conference held by the Ministry yesterday at the headquarters of the Internal Security Forces Officers Club in Riyadh.

Five ministry leaders were present at the conference, who talked about the new traffic plan that will be implemented in line with the initiatives of the National Transition Program 2020 and the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

Maj. Gen. Bassam Al-Attiyah explained that there is an accident every minute, a death every 20 minutes and four injuries per hour, and 70 percent of accidents occur outside cities.

For his part, Major General Al-Turki, MOI spokesman, pointed out that the traffic plan that is currently under development by the Ministry will be based on tech and coordination with a number of relevant bodies – such as the Ministry of Transport and the municipalities, stressing that the new traffic plan will ensure the safety of all road users; however, its success depends on the citizen’s cooperation and awareness of the importance of the system which should be respected.

The director general of the traffic department, Brig. Gen. Mohammed Al-Bassami, said a new strategy will be ready in a few months that will include developing the performance of traffic personnel and relying on technology.

He said that the amount that people are fined for violations is being reconsidered.

He added that the traffic department is also developing a list of driving schools and monitoring them, as well as new regulations promoting public safety.

Mobile radar will be used to monitor violating cars, drivers using their phones and those not wearing seatbelts, he said.

A traffic-violation points system will be applied in the Kingdom, as will a system of withdrawing driving licenses. According to a royal decree, women will be allowed to drive as of June 24, 2018, Al-Bassami said.

“We are holding meetings to organize and prepare driving schools to receive female trainees,” he added.

Source: MOI Website

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