Zain: New Prepaid Recharge and Credit Transfer Instructions

How to recharge Zain Prepaid lines

Now, you will no longer need to enter your ID number to recharge your line. You can recharge your line directly by:

  1. Dialing 1717 and following the Voice instructions.
  2. dial *141* → then enter the recharge card voucher numbers → then press #

EX : (*141* Recharge Voucher Number # )

To check the balance of your prepaid line, Dial *142#

How to Transfer Your Credit to Zain prepaid Lines

You can easily transfer your credit from your prepaid line to another prepaid line following steps:

Sending Party:

Send an SMS to 702702 which contains the following:

Bt → space → then the number you want to transfer to → space → Amount in Riyals

For example BT 0590000959 10

Receiving Party:

He/She will receive a confirmation SMS with the transferred amount directly.

Credit transfer business rule

  • Customers will be charged 50 Halalah per transfer transaction.
  • Preloaded balance can’t be transferred.
  • When credit is transferred a confirmation message will be sent to both parties (sender and the receiver). And note that the confirmation message will be sent to the receiver number contains the amount transferred and the sender number.
  • This service for all prepaid Packages except Zain Max Package.
  • Any bonus credit cannot be transferred.
  • Received balance transfer does not affect the prepaid lines validity.
  • Received balance can be transferred.
Minimum Amount per Transaction5 SAR
Maximum Amount per Transaction20 SAR
Maximum Amount per Day250 SAR
Minimum Amount After transfer25 SAR