Saudi Arabia ZIP/Postal Codes: Riyadh, Jeddah, Makkah & More

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Saudi Arabia PostalZIP Codes 2024

In today’s busy world, getting things delivered on time is really important, and knowing the right postal code is crucial. Whether you’re sending mail from Riyadh, Jeddah, or any other location in Saudi Arabia, the right postal code is the key to avoiding delays and ensuring prompt delivery. Unlike the US and the Philippines, which use zip codes, Saudi Arabia uses postal codes, a system common to most countries. This article will not only provide you with the updated Saudi postal codes for key locations in 2024 but will also offer insights into their effective use for both home and P.O. Box deliveries. Ready to send your mail with confidence? Let’s dive in.

Saudi Arabia Postal/ZIP Codes 2024

RegionCity/Town/AreaZIP/Postal Code
Riyadh ProvinceAl Olaya12313
Riyadh ProvinceAl Muruj12281
Riyadh ProvinceAl Mursalat12461
Riyadh ProvinceSalahuddin12432
Riyadh ProvinceAl Mughrizat12481
Riyadh ProvinceNuzha12473
Riyadh ProvinceGhirnath13241
Riyadh ProvinceAl Shifa14713
Riyadh ProvinceBadr14717
Riyadh ProvinceAl Azizia14514
Riyadh ProvinceDar Al Baida14518
Riyadh ProvinceMansuriyah14535
Riyadh ProvinceQurtuba13245
Riyadh ProvinceIshbiliyah13226
Riyadh ProvinceAl Yarmuk13243
Riyadh ProvinceMunsiyah13255
Riyadh ProvinceRimal13424
Riyadh ProvinceAl Nadwa14814
Riyadh ProvinceAn Nasim Ash Sharqi12243
Riyadh ProvinceAn Nasim Al Gharbi14233
Riyadh ProvinceAl Khaleej13223
Riyadh ProvinceAr Rawdah13211
Riyadh ProvinceKing Abdullah Dt12425
Riyadh ProvinceAl Izdihar12485
Riyadh ProvinceAl Wadi13313
Riyadh ProvinceRabwah12834
Riyadh ProvinceAl Zahra12811
Riyadh ProvinceAl Sulaimaniyah12234
Riyadh ProvinceAl Manar14221
Riyadh ProvinceAl Janadriyah13611
Riyadh ProvinceAn Nadwa14814
Riyadh ProvinceAsh Sharq13619
Riyadh ProvinceAl Arid13344
Riyadh ProvinceDiriyah13732
Riyadh ProvinceAl Yasmin13326
Riyadh ProvinceAn Narjis13322
Riyadh ProvinceNew Industrial Area14331
Riyadh ProvinceAl Iskan14317
Riyadh ProvinceAd Difa14315
Riyadh ProvinceDhahrat Laban13782
Riyadh ProvinceQurtubah13244
Riyadh ProvinceAl Hamra13217
Riyadh ProvinceAs Suwaidi12787
Riyadh ProvinceAl Kharj16277
Riyadh ProvinceAl Muzahmiya19675
Riyadh ProvinceShaqra15571
Riyadh ProvinceUshaiqer15516
Riyadh ProvinceAl Majmah 15362
Makkah ProvinceAzizia23337
Makkah ProvinceAl Safa23451
Makkah ProvinceAl Marwa23541
Makkah ProvinceAs Salamah23436
Makkah ProvinceAsh Shati23513
Makkah ProvinceAl Murjan23714
Makkah ProvinceAl Rehab23344
Makkah ProvinceAl Yaqoot23824
Makkah ProvinceAl Sawari23826
Makkah ProvinceAl Lulu23821
Makkah ProvinceAl Naeem23526
Makkah ProvinceAl Nahda23523
Makkah ProvinceAl Tawfiq23464
Makkah ProvinceAl Waha23353
Makkah ProvinceBryman23644
Makkah ProvinceAl Jamiah22341
Makkah ProvinceAl Jawaharah22416
Makkah ProvinceAlajaweed22442
Makkah ProvinceAl Wadi22518
Makkah ProvinceAs Sarawat22527
Makkah ProvinceAl Khomrah22534
Makkah ProvinceKhumrah22524
Makkah ProvinceAl Khalidiyyah23421
Makkah ProvinceIndustrial Area22429
Makkah ProvinceAl Faisaliyyah23441
Makkah ProvinceAl Rabwa23446
Makkah ProvinceAl Bawadi23443
Makkah ProvinceNuzha23534
Makkah ProvinceTaiba23831
Makkah ProvinceRabigh25753
Makkah ProvinceQunfudah28821
Makkah ProvinceKhulais25537
Makkah ProvinceTaif26523
Makkah ProvinceMakkah24231
Makkah ProvinceAl Lith28434
Makkah ProvinceAdham28653
Makkah ProvinceRanyah29812
Makkah ProvinceAl Khurmah29372
Makkah ProvinceThuwal23954
Eastern ProvinceDammam32257
Eastern ProvinceQatif32641
Eastern ProvinceAl Fursan32333
Eastern ProvinceDhahran34517
Eastern ProvinceRas Tanura32863
Eastern ProvinceJubail35514
Eastern ProvinceKhobar34714
Eastern ProvinceKhafji39254
Eastern ProvinceAl Hofuf36361
Eastern ProvinceHafr Al Baten39953
Eastern ProvinceBuqayq33261
Eastern ProvinceAl Hamra35419
Madinah ProvinceMadinah42316
Madinah ProvinceBadr46354
Madinah ProvinceAl-Ula43512
Madinah ProvinceMahad Al Dahab44411
Madinah ProvinceAl-Hanakiya42642
Madinah ProvinceYanbu46455
Jazan ProvinceJazan82723
Jazan ProvinceAbu Arish84511
Jazan ProvinceSamtah86736
Jazan ProvinceSabya85299
Jazan ProvinceAl Aridhah83221
Jazan ProvinceAhad Al-Masarhah86622
Jazan ProvinceAl Dayer83724
Jazan ProvinceBaish87311
Jazan ProvinceFayfa83551
Jazan ProvinceAL Eidabi85742
Al Qassim ProvinceBuraidah52367
Al Qassim ProvinceUnaizah56219
Al Qassim ProvinceAsh-Shimasia52223
Al Qassim ProvinceAl-Rass58881
Al Qassim ProvinceUyun Al-Jawa52786
Al Qassim ProvinceAl-Mitnab56525
Al Qassim ProvinceAl-Bukairiyah52735
Al Qassim ProvinceAl-Badayea56362
Al Qassim ProvinceRiyadh Al-Khabra54662
Aseer ProvinceBisha67713
Aseer ProvinceAbha62521
Aseer ProvinceMuhayil63711
Aseer ProvinceSarat Abidah64731
Aseer ProvinceTathleeth69316
Aseer ProvinceAl Majardah14714
Aseer ProvinceDhahran Al-Janoub64271
Aseer ProvinceRijal Almaa63468
Aseer ProvinceBariq63879
Aseer ProvinceKhamees Mushait62461
Aseer ProvinceAl Mahalah62564
Aseer ProvinceAhad Rufaidah62419
Aseer ProvinceNamas67392
Aseer ProvinceBalqarn67313
Aseer ProvinceTanomah62797
Tabuk ProvinceTabuk47914
Tabuk ProvinceDuba49312
Tabuk ProvinceAl-Wajh48721
Tabuk ProvinceUmluj48321
Tabuk ProvinceTayma45911
Tabuk ProvinceHaql49938
Tabuk ProvinceAl-Bad49824
Hail ProvinceHail55425
Hail ProvinceBaqaa53797
Hail ProvinceTurbah53823
Hail ProvinceAl-Shinan53521
Hail ProvinceJubbah55679
Hail ProvinceAl-Ghazalah57631
Hail ProvinceAl-Khitah55826
Northern Borders ProvinceTuraif75311
Northern Borders ProvinceArar73244
Northern Borders ProvinceRafhaa’76313
Al Jawf ProvinceSakaka72341
Najran ProvinceSharurah68372
Najran ProvinceNajran66251
Al Bahah ProvinceAl-Bahah65526
Al Bahah ProvinceAl Makhwa65312
Al Jawf ProvinceQurayyat77453

How to Correctly Format Addresses

If you’re looking to send mail in Saudi Arabia, getting the address format right is key. It’s not just about slapping a postal code on an envelope; each part of the address works together to make sure your mail gets where it’s going, and fast. Let’s break it down into simple steps.

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For Home Delivery

The address format for home deliveries is designed to provide clear geographic coordinates for efficient mail processing, using GIS (Geographic Information System) technology. Here’s how to structure a home delivery address:

  • Line 1: Addressee (The person or entity receiving the mail)
  • Line 2: Short Address (Optional four-letter code followed by a four-digit number)
  • Line 3: Building Number followed by Street Name
  • Line 4: Additional Information (Optional, such as Unit Number, Office Number, or Letter Box Number)
  • Line 5: Additional Number (to the left of the District Name, providing unique location identification)
  • Line 6: Postcode
  • Line 7: Country

For example, a correctly formatted address would look like this:

Mr. Abdullah Mohammed 3054 Abdullhamid Alkatib St 7318 Az Zahrah Dist. 12987 RIYADH SAUDI ARABIA

The inclusion of a building number, postal code, or zip code, and an additional number is essential, as they help pinpoint the precise delivery point within the vast cityscapes of Saudi Arabia.

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For P.O. Box Delivery

When sending mail to a P.O. Box, the format changes slightly to accommodate the postal box system. Here is the correct structure:

  • Line 1: Name of Addressee or Organization Name
  • Line 2: P.O. Box Number
  • Line 3: Postal code
  • Line 4: City or Locality Name

An example of P.O. Box delivery would be:

Mr. Abdullah Mohammed P.O. Box 17205 21454 MAKKAH SAUDI ARABIA

By following these structured formats, you ensure that your mail is sorted and delivered with the highest accuracy. Remember, the correct use of postal codes not only assists the postal service but also minimizes the chances of delay or loss of your correspondence or packages.

In summary, you’re prepared to send mail in Saudi Arabia, equipped with the latest postal codes and an understanding of the correct address format. This guide will serve as a useful resource for all your future mailings, whether personal or for business purposes. Wishing you efficient and precise mail delivery in all your future endeavors!

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