Top OTT Platforms & Subscription Fees in Saudi Arabia: A Quick Overview

By Mohammed Ameen

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top ott streaming platforms in saudi arabia

In Saudi Arabia, there is a diverse range of OTT (Over-The-Top) platforms available catering to various interests, from international movies and TV series to regional Arabic content. Here’s a summary of notable OTT platforms operating in the region, along with their subscription cost:

Top Streaming Platforms in Saudi Arabia

  1. Netflix: Known for its extensive library of original and syndicated movies and TV series, offering content across various genres including documentaries, comedy, drama, and blockbuster movies.
  2. OSN Streaming: Offers exclusive rights to Disney+ content in Saudi Arabia and a large catalog of HBO shows. It also features a variety of series and movies, including popular titles and original content.
  3. Amazon Prime Video: Provides a mix of original content and a wide selection of TV shows and movies, both international and regional.
  4. Starzplay: Features a strong collection of movies and TV series in both English and Arabic, including popular and classic films, as well as TV series across various genres.
  5. Apple TV+: A relatively new entrant with a growing list of original shows and movies, known for its high-quality productions.
  6. MBC Shahid: Focused on Arabic content, Shahid is run by Saudi media conglomerate MBC Group, offering a wide range of Arabic movies and TV shows, including Shahid Originals and exclusive series.
  7. OSN Plus (OSN+): Boasts an impressive content library through partnerships with HBO, Paramount, and NBC Universal, along with exclusive Arabic and Turkish series.
  8. Disney+: Offers a wide range of family-friendly content, including movies, TV shows, and documentaries, with robust parental controls and the ability to stream on multiple devices.

Other services, such as Eros Now, SonyLIV, BeIN Connect, and iQiyi, cater to niche markets within the region, offering Indian movies, sports content, and Asian entertainment, respectively.

OTT Platforms and Subscription Fees in Saudi Arabia

PlatformSubscription FeesNotes
NetflixFrom SAR 32/monthPrices vary based on the number of screens and resolution (HD, Ultra HD).
OSN StreamingSAR 35/month
Amazon Prime VideoSAR 16/monthSAR 140 for annual membership
StarzplaySAR 46/monthSAR 11.50 weekly
Apple TV+SAR 19.99/month
MBC ShahidVIP: USD 11.19/month (Approx. SAR 41.94/month)VIP Imagine: USD 13.89/month
Disney+SAR 29.99/monthSAR 298.99 for annual plan

In addition to the standalone OTT platform subscriptions discussed in this article, it’s worth noting that various telecom companies in Saudi Arabia offer packages that include subscriptions to multiple OTT services. These bundled packages can provide a cost-effective way for consumers to access a wide range of streaming content across different platforms. Whether you’re looking for international blockbusters, regional hits, or niche content, telecom bundles might offer the perfect solution to meet your streaming needs. We plan to delve deeper into these telecom packages, highlighting the specific OTT subscriptions they include and analyzing their value proposition in a separate article. This upcoming piece will aim to guide you through the many of options available, helping you make an informed decision on the best package to suit your entertainment preferences and budget.