How to Get an STC Fiber Internet Connection at Your Home in Saudi Arabia

By Mohammed Ameen

Published on:

How to Get an STC Fiber Internet Connection at Your Home in Saudi Arabia

STC Fiber Broadband is renowned for its reliable and stable internet connectivity solution. This article provides a guide on how to easily apply for a new STC fiber connection.

You can apply for an STC fiber broadband connection in two ways: by calling the customer care number or through their website.

#1: Offline Method

To get a new STC fiber connection in Saudi Arabia, follow these steps:

(1) Select the Internet plan: Visit the STC website and choose your desired fiber optic plan based on your usage.

(2) Call the STC helpline 900: Once you have selected the plan, go to the place where STC has installed its fiber optic box. Call the STC helpline 900 and select the “New Line” option.

(3) Provide details: Give your full name, Iqama number, mobile number, and the STC fiber optic box number to the customer service executive. If you can’t find the numbers, use the Iqama number of any person who has already installed the STC fiber-optic connection in your building to help the STC officer locate your building.

STC fiber optic box number

(4)Wait for installation: The STC technical team will come within a couple of days to install the fiber optic internet connection. Note that the fiber optic cable and modem are free, and you don’t need to pay anything to the technical team.

#2: Online Method

You can also request a fiber internet connection through the STC website. Simply visit the STC website, click on the “Baity” option, select a suitable plan, click on “Select Location,” and enter your personal details such as Iqama Number, Nationality, and Date of Birth. Then, provide your mobile number and STC fiber optic box number, and click on the confirm button.

install new stc fiber connection

Following the successful submission of your request, your application will be processed within a few hours, and you will be notified via SMS. An STC technician will visit you within a few business days to install the STC Fiber connection.

Using one of these methods, you can easily obtain an STC fiber internet connection. I hope this article helps!