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How to Apply for Driving License in Saudi Arabia

Steps to Apply for Driving License in Saudi Arabia 

Here are the procedures for applying for a driving license in Saudi Arabia. If you have a valid driving license from your home country, then the process will be easier. If you don’t, then you have to join a driving school to attend some classes. 

Here are the steps

1- Before applying for a driving license, you must ensure the following documents is with you

  • Original Home Drivers License Issued by Your Home Country
  • Certified Arabic Translation of Your Home Country License
  • Get your Blood Group report from any dispensary in Saudi Arabia. 
  • Your Original Iqama (Resident permit) and copy
  • Your Passport copy with a visa copy as well. 

2- Deposit 400 SR with your Iqama Number for 10 years Private License. (80 SR for 2 years and 200 SR for 5 Years)

3- Go to any nearest Driving School, with all the documents before 9 AM.

4- There will be some shops near the gate for getting photo copies and arranging files. Pay SR 10 over there, and they will arrange the required copies in an order and put it in a file.

5- With this file, enter Hall No. 2 in school and get your eyes tested.

6- On your left side, there will be an eye microscope. Get your eyes tested and the examiner will stamp your application.

7- Get a license (your home country license) check from the same hall in the opposite direction.

8- Take the initial trial from Hall No. 4. You need to show your Iqama as well.

9- Take care of only 4 things. Seat belt, back view mirror, hand break, and seat adjustment. Drive slowly through the round-about.

If you succeed in the initial trial, the tester will write “I” alif on your form.

10- Take the file back to hall no. 2, and the examiner will print a form taking you SR 100 for the instruction class to be held on the same day evening from 3:00 to 6:00. Your file will be held and you will be given the slip.

11- Attend the class from 3 to 6 pm same day. Bring to the slip.

12- Next day come to school again and go to the computer testing waiting hall with the slip. Submit the slip inside the examination room.

13- On your turn, take the exam and then sit in the stadium to get your final trial.

14- After the final trial, if you are successful, come back to the computer test waiting room. You will be given back your file.

15- Take your file to hall no. 1 and counter no. 14. Submit it there and tell him that you have deposited your driving license fee (SR 400).

16- After 10 to 15 mins your name will be called and you will be given a driving license.

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