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How to book a Muroor Appointment through Absher

Traffic Appointment Booking Online

In order to visit Muroor or traffic offices in Saudi Arabia for any services, you must first make an appointment. You can book the Muroor appointment online through the ministry of interior’s Absher portal and here is the procedure.

  • Visit the Absher portal: https://absher.sa/
  • Login to the Absher account
  • Click on “More” under the menu “Appointments
Muroor Appointments
  • Select “Traffic” under the Appointments tab.
  • Click on “Proceed to service”
  • Then click on “Book New Appointment
  • Select a service. (You can select a maximum of two services at a time)
muroor appointment through absher
  • Also, select the Region from the drop-down menu and click on “Next”.
  • Select your desired date and time. (green button shows the available time).
  • Click on “Confirm Appointment Details” to confirm your appointment.

On the following page, you’ll find the appointment summary; print it out.

The following important services can be obtained through traffic offices by scheduling an appointment via the Absher portal.

  • Issuance, Renewal and Replacement of Drivers license
  • Print Driving License Card
  • Issuing temporary driving permit
  • Exporting a vehicle abroad
  • Print vehicle registration card (Istimara)
  • Issuing vehicle repair permission letter
  • Traffic accident report
  • Issuance, renewal and replacement of vehicle number plates

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