How Many SIM Cards Are on Your Iqama? Check Online Now!

By Mohammed Ameen

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Find out the number of SIM cards linked to your Iqama!

Need to check your Iqama SIM cards? This post is here to help! We’ll walk you through four simple online methods to see how many SIM cards are registered under your Iqama in Saudi Arabia. We’ll be using the official CST website and app for this.

Method 1. Using Your Registered Mobile Number

In this method, to check your SIMs on the CST website, you’ll need to provide your Iqama number, date of birth, and the mobile phone number registered under your Iqama. Additionally, you’ll have to enter a verification code sent to your mobile number.

  • Go to the CST’s Mutasil Individuals portal:
  • Select ENGLISH.
  • Enter your “Iqama Number” in the Person ID field.
  • Then enter your “Date of Birth” in the Birth Date field.
  • Select the “Yes” in the “Do you have mobile number” question and enter your Registered Mobile Number.
  • Click on the “Inquire” button.
  • You will need to enter an OTP received on the registered Mobile Number you provided. Enter the Secret Code and click on “Submit.”

You will see a list of mobile numbers and data SIMs linked to your Iqama in the next window.

Do you think how many sims on my iqama. This easy guide will help you to check your total SIMs on iqama in Saudi Arabia online using CST (CITC) portal.

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2. Only Using Iqama Number

Also, if you want to check your SIM cards without using a mobile number, you can. However, this method will only show the total connections, not the specific numbers. Follow these steps to proceed.

  • Go to the CST Mutasil Individuals site:
  • Enter your Iqama Number and Date of Birth.
  • Select the option “No” to the question “Do you have a mobile number?“.
  • Then, click on the “Inquire” button.

You’ll see the number of mobile connections associated with your Iqama number.

check how many sims you have in your iqama number in Saudi Arabia on cst (citc) mutasil individuals portal.

3. By log into CST Website

Another way to check your Iqama-linked mobile numbers is by logging in to the CST website itself. For this, you need to have a Nafath account. Here is how you can check using this method.

mutasil individuals sim check
  • Visit the mutasil individuals website:
  • Select “Sign in” option from the top menu.
  • Log in to the website using your Nafath account.
  • Once logged in, select “My Numbers” option and you will be able to view your list of mobile number associated with your Iqama number.

Iqama SIM Check Using CST Mobile App

The last method to check the active SIM cards linked to your Iqama is through the CST mobile app called ‘هيئة الاتصالات.’ You can find this app on both the Apple Store and the Android Play Store by searching CST or CITC. Here’s how you can find your SIM cards using this app.

cst mobile app, how to check sim cards
  • Download the هيئة الاتصالات app.
  • Open the app and select english.
  • Login with your Nafath account.
  • Once logged in select the option “My Numbers”

That’s it! This will show you all the active numbers registered under your ID number.

With these four easy methods at your fingertips, checking how many SIM cards are linked to your Iqama is easy! Now you can quickly identify any unauthorized numbers and get them cancelled right away.

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