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How to Check How Many SIM Cards Are Registered With Your Iqama

Iqama SIM Check at CITC Website

Wondering how to check how many sims on my Iqama? here is an easy way for you. You can now see how many sim cards you have on your Iqama by visiting the CITC website.

You can check this in two ways. (1) By entering your iqama number and registered mobile phone number. (2) Using only your iqama number.

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FIRST METHOD: Iqama SIM Check with a Registered Mobile Number

To use the first method, you’ll need an iqama-linked mobile number. You’ll receive a text message with a secret code, which you’ll need to enter on the website.

  • Visit the CITC website: https://portalservices.citc.gov.sa/
  • Select the ENGLISH¬†from the top of the menu
  • Select Actor Type as “INDIVIDUAL”
  • Enter “IQAMA NUMBER” and “DATE OF BIRTH” (Use Hijri Calander to Convert DOB)
  • Enter your Registered Mobile Number and Image code.
  • Click on the “Search” button.
  • You will receive an OTP on the registered Mobile Number you provided. Enter the Secret Code and click on “Submit”.

In the next window, you will be able to see a list of Mobile Numbers/Data SIMs linked to your Iqama.

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SECOND METHOD: CITC SIM Check Without a Registered Mobile Number

Alternatively, you can also check Iqama SIM Numbers without providing a mobile number. This, however, will only display the total number of connections, not the individual mobile numbers. Following are the steps.

  • Visit the CITC portal using this link: https://portalservices.citc.gov.sa/
  • Select the “I do not have a mobile number” option (see screenshot below)
  • Enter the IMAGE CODE and press SEARCH

You’ll see the number of mobile connections associated with your Iqama number.

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