How To Register A Mobile Number In Your Iqama

By Mohammed Ameen

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how to register mobile number in iqama

Registering a mobile number with Iqama is important for expatriate residents in Saudi Arabia to access government online services and receive important information related to their residence permits, such as the iqama expiry date and traffic violations. This article aims to provide a brief overview of how to register a mobile number in Iqama.

Registering through Outlets

You can register a new mobile number in saudi arabia by visiting the outlet of one of the telecom service providers in Saudi Arabia, such as Saudi Telecom Company (STC), Mobily, or Zain. This is the simplest method. You will be required to provide your Iqama number, personal information and fingerprint verification for the registration process. Upon verification you number will be activated to use instantly.

Self Registration

Another way to register a mobile number to your iqama is through self-registration. You can obtain a SIM card from stores and then activate it online. To do this, you need to activate your Nafath Account. Here are the steps for activating your STC SIM card in Saudi Arabia.

To register and activate your STC SIM card online, please follow the steps below:

  1. Download and launch the mystc app.
  2. Go to the “Store” section and select “Mobile and Internet SIM.”
  3. Choose the service that suits your needs.
  4. Select “Activate Your SIM on Your Own.”
  5. Scan the SIM barcode or enter the serial number (found on your SIM card).
  6. Enter the PUK2 number (this can be found on the SIM package).
  7. Choose the package that best suits your requirements.
  8. Enter your personal details.
  9. Enter the verification code sent to you.
  10. Complete the “Nafath” authentication.
  11. Make payment using one of the available methods (Credit Card, SADAD).

That’s it. You mobile number will be activated shortly.

Why You Should Register

One of the most important reasons to register a mobile number to your Iqama is to activate your Absher account. This is vital for accessing government services, as Absher registration and activation require a mobile number linked to your iqama. Nowadays, living in Saudi Arabia without Absher registration is practically impossible, as most government services are provided through this useful app. Additionally, registering with the National Address, opening a bank account, and applying for a visit visa all require an Absher account.

How to Verify Iqama Linked Mobile Numbers

You can verify the number of SIMs registered to your Iqama by visiting the CITC’s Mutasil website. Read this article, “Iqama SIM Check Guide,” to learn how to check if any mobile numbers are already associated with your Iqama.

In conclusion, obtaining a mobile number and registering it to your Iqama number is very important for expatriate residents in Saudi Arabia in many ways. I hope this article is helpful in understanding the steps for registering a mobile number to your Iqama.