How to Cancel SIM Cards in Saudi Arabia

By Mohammed Ameen

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Whether you are moving out of the kingdom or simply want to have a few SIM cards in your name, you would need to cancel or permanently deactivate your active Sim cards. This article explains how you can cancel a SIM card in Saudi Arabia.

How Can a User Cancel His or Her Sim Cards in Saudi Arabia?

The cancellation of prepaid lines and postpaid lines are different. Prepaid lines are automatically terminated if they have not been used for a specific period of time. However, in the case of a postpaid line, you have to settle the due bills and make a request to cancel the line.

To cancel an active SIM card in Saudi Arabia, you have to visit your nearest telecom operator’s store with your original Id.

You can find out how many Sim cards are registered in your name by visiting the CITC website.

It is possible to report any unauthorized Sim cards in your name to the CITC through their website.

If you are unhappy with your current telecom operator and want to change the network without changing the number, you can do so by mobile number porting service.

Helpline Numbers

It is always useful to have the helpline numbers of cellular network providers on hand. You can also notify them of any unauthorized sims registered in your name. The customer care numbers of the networks operating in Saudi Arabia are as follows,

STC: 900 / 114555555
Zain: 959 / 0590000959
Mobily: 1100 / 0560101100
Lebara: 1755 / 0576001755
Friendi: 166000 / 0571166000
Virgin Mobile: 1789