Learn How to Earn and Redeem Mobily Neqaty Points

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How to Earn and Redeem Mobily Neqaty Points

Are you a Mobily customer looking for ways to earn rewards and get more value for your money? Look no further! In this blog article, we’ll introduce you to Neqaty, Mobily’s Loyalty program, and explain how you can earn and redeem points, as well as enjoy the benefits of the Neqatona feature. Get ready to start reaping rewards with Mobily’s Neqaty!

What is Neqaty?

Neqaty is Mobily’s Loyalty program designed to reward its valuable customers with Neqaty Points when they use their postpaid or prepaid lines for calls, SMS, or make a purchase at one of Mobily’s trusted merchant partner locations across the Kingdom. Check Neqaty’s rewards here.

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How to Collect Neqaty Points

Prepaid customers can earn one Neqaty Point for every SR 1 spent on calls, SMS, or data usage, while postpaid customers earn one point for every SR 1 paid against their monthly bill. Note that the usage of bundles or add-ons for prepaid or postpaid services does not accrue Neqaty points.

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To help customers collect more points and reach higher rewards value, Neqaty has partnered with some of the Kingdom’s best-known brands for a more rewarding experience. Every time you shop at Neqaty earn partners’ outlets, you’ll be rewarded with Neqaty Points for the money spent. Click here for full details about Neqaty partners.

How to Your Neqaty Points

With Neqaty Points, you can enjoy a wide range of Mobily services such as free voice minutes, data, free credit and bill discounts, as well as cash discounts at more than 1,200 Neqaty partner outlets. Click here to check Neqaty rewards and the full list of Neqaty partners where your points can be redeemed.

You can redeem your points for Mobily services through the following channels:

  1. Through Mobily App
  2. Dedicated IVR for Neqaty redemption: 1460
  3. Mobily Services by dialing *1100*3#
  4. My Account in Mobily website (mobily.com.sa)

To redeem your points for cash discounts at partner outlets, simply visit the nearest partner outlet and inform the employee or sales representative that you’re a Mobily customer and wish to redeem your Neqaty Points.

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What is Neqatona

Neqatona is a feature that allows valued subscribers to accumulate Neqaty Points faster in one account to benefit from valuable rewards. More points mean more rewards. Neqatona allows you to merge points from up to 10 phone lines registered under the same subscriber.

Activating Neqatona Service

To activate Neqatona, customers should use the Mobily e-portal channel. Once activated, the requested number becomes the Master line for the Neqatona account. Visit “My Mobily” on the Mobily website here.

After activation, the Master line can add secondary numbers (child lines) under the same customer ID to the Neqatona account. These child lines can also earn and redeem Neqaty Points, which will be deducted from the Neqatona account balance.

Service Cancellation and Modifications

Neqatona service can be deactivated by the Master line using Mobily’s e-portal, but keep in mind that all points in the account will be lost upon deactivation. The Master line can also remove child lines at any time, which will prevent the removed line from accessing Neqaty Points but won’t change the points balance in the Neqatona account.

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In conclusion, Mobily’s Neqaty Loyalty Program is an excellent way to earn rewards and enjoy a wide range of benefits. By understanding how to earn and redeem Neqaty points, you can maximize your rewards and get the most out of your Mobily experience. We hope this article has provided you with valuable insights on how to take advantage of the Neqaty program. Start earning and redeeming points now to enjoy the many perks that come with being a Mobily customer.

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