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How to Get Mobily Emergency Credit/Data

Mobily Emergency Credit / Data

The Mobily Emergency Credit Service allows you to get instant credit or data and pay later. The amount of credit available to you will automatically adjust your next recharge.

The customer can request the service six times (SR 5) to add a total of SR30 and the amount will be settled upon the next recharging process. This service is for prepaid customers only.

To avail of this service, the user must meet certain criteria. For more information, dial the free menu code *400#.

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How to Activate Mobily Emergency Credit

You can activate Mobily Emergency Credit by following the instructions below.

Extra Credit of 5 SRDial *405#
300MB data bundle for 10 SR valid for 1 weekDial *403#
To manage emergency credit serviceDial *400#
Activate Max Auto Refill (up to 30 SR)Dial *401#
Activate Auto Refill (5 SR)Dial *402#
For Max Emergency Credit, up to your eligibilityDial *430#

How to Check Mobily Emergency Balance

You can see your Mobily Emergency Credit balance for free by dialling *400# and selecting Emergency Balance.

Emergency Credit Fees

The fee for each SR 5 “Mobily Emergency Credit” Transaction is SR 1. For Data Bundle, the fee is SR 1 for each 300 MB Emergency Data transaction.

How to Deactivate Mobily Emergency Credit

You can disable the service by dialling *400# and choosing “Auto-Refill” then “Deactivate” and confirm.

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