How to Get Mobily Emergency Balance Easily

By Mohammed Ameen

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How to Get Mobily Emergency Balance Easily

Mobily, a leading telecom company in Saudi Arabia, has useful feature “Mobily Emergency Credit” also called “Mobily Advance Balance” or “Mobily Loan.” This feature helps prepaid customers by giving them credit in advance when their balance is low. It ensures they can still make calls, send messages, or use data even when they’re running out of credit. If you’re in a tight spot and need to use your phone but have no credit left, here’s how you can make use of this helpful service.

Eligibility for Mobily Advance Balance

To be eligible for Mobily’s Advance Balance service, you must meet some requirements.

  • You must be a Mobily prepaid customer.
  • Your line must have been recharged with at least SAR 30 every month.
  • Your balance must be less than SAR 2.
  • You must have actively used Mobily’s services for a minimum of three months.

To check if you’re eligible, simply dial *400# and choose the “status” option.

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How to Request Mobily Advance Balance

There are two methods to obtain Mobily Emergency Credit: either through a USSD code or via SMS. Here’s how you can do it.

#1: USSD Code Medthod:

Emergency Credit / DataDial USSD Code
Extra Credit of 5 SAR*405#
300MB data bundle for 7 days (10 SAR)*403#
For Max Emergency Credit, up to SAR 30*430#

#2: SMS Method:

Emergency Credit / DataSend SMS to 1100
Extra Credit of 5 SAR405
300MB data bundle for 7 days (10 SAR)403
For Max Emergency Credit, up to SAR 30430

How to Check Mobily Emergency Balance

To view your advance credit balance, dial *400# and choose the Emergency Balance option.

Emergency Credit Fees

For every SAR 5 “Mobily Emergency Credit” transaction, there is a fee of SAR 1. Similarly, for Data Bundle transactions, a fee of SAR 1 applies for each 300 MB of Emergency Data used.

How to Deactivate Mobily Emergency Credit

To deactivate the service, dial *400#, select “Auto-Refill,” then “Deactivate,” and confirm your choice.

So, if you’re ever in a tight situation and need some extra credit, you know exactly how to get it with Mobily. It’s easy to get emergency credit, check your balance, and even turn off the service if you don’t need it anymore.

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