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How to Get Traffic Violation Number in Saudi Arabia

A traffic violation number is assigned to each traffic violation recorded on your ID / Iqama. If you have already subscribed to the Absher service, you will receive a traffic violation notification SMS with the violation number whenever a new violation occurs. If not, you will have to choose one of the following options.

How to Check Traffic Violation Number Online

Visit the Absher portal:

Log in with your username and password

Go to the dashboard

Click on ‘More Details’ in Traffic Violations

Here you will get a list of paid and unpaid traffic violations details including Violation number, time, date amount, location and description.

Check Traffic Violation Number with Internet Banking

You can also check traffic violation numbers with online banking. Go to the traffic Violation payment section and provide your Iqama number and check. In the next step, the online banking screen will show you the number of unpaid traffic violation amounts with violation numbers.