New Huroob Rules in Saudi Arabia

By Mohammed Ameen

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New Huroob Rules in Saudi Arabia

What is Huroob?

Huroob is a term used in Saudi Arabia for employees who leave their job without informing their employer, leading to the employer reporting them as absconders to the Ministry of Interior. This status has serious legal and immigration consequences for the individual. Here is how to check huroob status.

Recent Changes and Their Impact

Recent updates have made it easier to resolve Huroob status by reducing the role of the sponsor (Kafeel). Once Huroob is reported, the link between the employee and employer is cut, giving the employee more independence to fix their status without the previous employer’s involvement.

Iqama Transfer Under Huroob

New rules now allows for transferring the residency permit (Iqama) and removing Huroob within 60 days of being declared absent from work, without needing the current sponsor’s help. This process, done through the Qiwa platform, must be completed within 15 days of Ministry approval, applicable to both new and ongoing cases.

Final Exit Under Huroob

Expatriates can now get a final exit during Huroob if issued within 60 days of being marked as such. This change allows legal exit from Saudi Arabia and returning on a new visa without facing a ban, providing a solution for those wanting to rectify their status amicably.

Deportation and Legal Options

Failure to address Huroob can lead to deportation. However, unfairly terminated individuals can challenge Huroob in court before securing a final exit or transferring Iqama, potentially reversing the status and claiming rightful benefits.

In conclusion, changes in Huroob regulations in Saudi Arabia show progress towards balancing employer and expatriate rights. Understanding these changes helps individuals manage their legal status effectively, ensuring compliance and protecting their rights under Saudi law.