How to Create an E-P.O Box with Saudi Post: A Simple Guide

By Mohammed Ameen

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In today’s digital age, Saudi Post is leading the change in how we send and get mail. They have a new service called E-P.O Box that makes receiving mail easier. Instead of going to a mailbox with a key, you can now manage your mail online. This service is great for individuals and businesses, offering convenience and flexibility. This guide will help you set up your own E-P.O Box easily, keeping you connected in our fast-paced world.

What is An E-P.O Box

An E-P.O Box is like a virtual mailbox provided by Saudi Post. It has its own address and code for receiving mail from anywhere. You don’t need a physical box or keys, as everything is managed online. You can select different delivery methods and pay a yearly fee to use this convenient service for receiving mail without any hassle.


How to Create an E-P.O Box

Step 1: Choose Your Subscription

You need an annual subscription to access the E-P.O Box service. The fee for individuals is 150 SAR for the primary subscriber.

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Step 2: Register

You can register for an E-P.O Box through multiple channels:

  • SPL Online: Visit the Saudi Post website and follow the registration process.
  • SPL App: Download the SPL app and sign up for an account.
  • Branch: Visit your nearest Saudi Post branch.

Step 3: Payment

You can pay the subscription fee through various means:

  • UPG Unified Payment Gateway
  • Client Portfolio
  • At a Saudi Post Branch

Final Step: Receive Your Postal Materials

Once registered, you can start receiving your postal materials according to your selected delivery option. With the E-P.O Box service, you will enjoy:

  • Free family member usage for a limited time.
  • Unlimited storage capacity.
  • Accurate electronic notifications for item arrival.
  • Delivery options including free office and express service delivery, and home delivery for a fee of SAR 30 per delivery.
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E-P.O Box vs. Traditional P.O Box: Understanding the Difference

While both services aim to make mail collection more convenient, there are significant differences between a traditional P.O Box and an E-P.O Box that you should be aware of.

Traditional P.O Box:

  • Annual Subscription: You pay a yearly fee to maintain your P.O Box.
  • Physical Box & Key: You must have a physical box at a postal facility and a key to access it.
  • Limited Delivery Options: Typically, you can only pick up mail from the office.
  • Storage Limitations: The box size determines how much mail you can hold.
  • Electronic Notifications: These may be limited and not include all types of mail.
  • Additional Fees: Adding a beneficiary or opting for home delivery incurs extra charges.
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E-P.O Box:

  • Annual Subscription: Just like a traditional P.O Box, it requires an annual fee.
  • No Physical Box or Key Needed: Eliminates the need for physical box management.
  • Multiple Delivery Options: Offers various free shipping methods, including office delivery and express service.
  • Unlimited Storage: You won’t have to worry about running out of space.
  • Electronic Notifications: Provides prompt and accurate alerts for all your incoming mail.
  • Family Usage: Allows free use by family members for a limited time.
  • Flexible Home Delivery: Home delivery is available for an additional fee.

By choosing an E-P.O Box, you benefit from the flexibility and convenience of modern postal services, perfectly suited for the digital age. This innovative approach by Saudi Post reflects their commitment to adapt to customer needs and technological advancements.

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