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How to Renew Istimara Online in Saudi Arabia

Istimara (Vehicle Registration License) Renewal

You can now renew your vehicle registration license or Istimara through the Absher portal online. Istimara is typically issued with a three-year validity period and must be renewed online after that time. The following are the conditions for renewing a vehicle’s registration in Saudi Arabia.

Istimara Renewal Fees

As of now, the private vehicle registration renewal fee in Saudi Arabia is SR 100. You can pay the fee on your vehicle registration license number (Istimara Number) through ATM or Internet banking. Starting October 22, 2023, Saudi Arabia has revised Istimara fees, to know more about the new fee structure, you can read this article: New Istimara Fees in Saudi Arabia

Istimara Renewal Procedure

  • Go to the Absher website:
  • Login to your account.
  • Click on the “Services” under “Vehicles” option.
  • Select “Vehicle Management
  • Select your vehicle and click on the option “Renew Vehicle Registration.”
  • Agree the terms and conditions and confirm the renewal.

How to Get New Istimara after Renewal

Request Postal Delivery through Absher

After successfully renewing your Istimara, you can request postal delivery of the new Istimara card via Absher. Please note that if your Istimara card does not have an expiry date printed on it, there’s no need to get a new card; you can keep your existing one. Keep in mind that you should make this request within 90 days of the renewal. Below are the steps:

  • Log in to the Absher portal.
  • Select “My Services
  • Click on “Postal Delivery Service.”
  • Select “Request Postal Document Delivery.
  • Select your Address and enter your contact information.
  • Click on “Confirm Delivery Request” to complete the request.

Please note that you will charged a delivery fee of SAR 17.25, and the new card will be delivered within three working days.

Istimara Collection from Traffic Police

If you prefer to collect the new card from the traffic police office (Muroor) near you, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Book a Muroor Appointment for the purpose of “Printing an Istimara
  • Visit the Muroor office on the appointment date.
  • Show your ID for verification and collect the new card.


In conclusion, renewing the Istimara (Vehicle Registration License) in Saudi Arabia has been made simpler through the Absher portal. With a standard three-year validity period, Istimara holders are now required to renew their vehicle registration online, adhering to specific conditions such as having a valid insurance policy and periodic vehicle inspection. Upon renewal, there are two options for obtaining the new Istimara card: requesting postal delivery through Absher or collecting it from the local traffic police office. With digital processes in place, Saudi Arabia continues to streamline administrative tasks for its citizens and residents, ensuring ease and efficiency.

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