Motor Vehicle Periodic Inspection (Fahas) – Complete Guide

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What is Fahas in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, vehicles must undergo a yearly periodic inspection (FAHAS). The inspection is conducted by the Motor Vehicle Periodic Inspection (MVPI) Centers under the Department of Traffic and is valid for one year from the date of issuance. The FAHAS aims to ensure that motor vehicles in the kingdom are safe and meet environmental standards. The MVPI team will inspect the vehicle’s oil leakage, steering system, suspension system, chassis, brakes, lights, tires, emission control system, etc. If any defects are found, the vehicle will not pass the inspection and must be repaired before it can be re-inspected.

MVPI for New Vehicle

The periodic inspection of new private vehicles is made three years after the first vehicle license is obtained. For taxis, buses, and public transport vehicles, the inspection is made two years after the first vehicle license is obtained. These inspections are essential to maintain the safety of vehicles on the road.

When should you go for a Fahas Test?

It is important to have your vehicle inspected annually and before the expiration of the inspection certificate. This will ensure that your vehicle is free from any technical issues. MVPI Stations will receive any vehicle whose owner wishes to check in any of the following cases:

  • When you want to go for a long trip.
  • When buying or selling a vehicle.
  • Detecting a technical issue.
  • When wanting to discover technical issues.
  • Inspecting the vehicle after repair following a traffic accident.
  • When modifying the engine, chassis, or color.
  • The used vehicles are registered in another country if the owner wishes to obtain Saudi plates.
  • When renewing your vehicle license.

Can someone else bring the car for the inspection on your behalf?

Not simply anybody can drop the vehicle off for Fahas inspection. A vehicle can be brought for periodic inspection by the owner, a first-degree relative, or any officially authorized driver.

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Fahas Fees

The fee for a motor vehicle periodic inspection in Saudi Arabia is SAR 83.95 for inspection and SAR 27.6 for re-inspection. The amount includes 15% VAT. 

Required documents

When you’re preparing for your vehicle inspection, the first step is to book a “Fahas appointment” online. Once that’s done, ensure you gather all the necessary documents for the day of your inspection. These include the identity card (Iqama) of the vehicle owner or the authorized person and the vehicle registration card (Istimara). For imported vehicles, you’ll also need a traffic printout or the original customs card.

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Procedure of Fahas

To get your vehicle inspected, first, go to your selected Fahas center as per your appointment schedule. When you arrive, go to the counter and present your Appointment, Iqama (residency card), Istamara card (vehicle registration), and the fees for the inspection. Once the payment is made, you can proceed to the inspection shed.

After you drop your vehicle off at the inspection shed, the MVPI team will thoroughly inspect it. Once they’re done, you’ll be given a paper that specifies the inspection result.

If in case there are any defects, you will have two weeks of time to fix the issue and come back to perform FAHAS again.

If your car has a minor problem, such as blown bulbs or brake issues, you can get it fixed at one of the many mechanics outside the FAHAS facility. This way, you can complete the FAHAS on the same day.

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