Vehicle Registration Fees in Saudi Arabia: A 2024 Guide

By Mohammed Ameen

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Vehicle Registration Fees in Saudi Arabia

Vehicle registration in Saudi Arabia is managed by the Saudi General Directorate of Traffic (Muroor). It’s a mandatory process for all vehicle owners, ensuring that vehicles are legally allowed to operate on the roads. The process involves several steps, including payment of fees, which can vary depending on several factors such as the type of vehicle, its size, and its intended use.

Registration Fees

Below is an updated table summarizing the fees associated with vehicle registration in Saudi Arabia:

No.TypeAnnual FeeRenewalLost ReplacementProperty Transfer
1Private Vehicle RegistrationSR 100SR 100SR 100SR 150
2Private Truck RegistrationSR 200SR 200SR 100SR 150
3Minibus RegistrationSR 200SR 200SR 100SR 150
4Taxi Vehicle RegistrationSR 200SR 200SR 100SR 300
5Public Vehicle RegistrationSR 400SR 400SR 100SR 300
6Public Bus RegistrationSR 400SR 400SR 100SR 300
7Motorbike RegistrationSR 100SR 100SR 100SR 150
8Public Work Vehicle RegistrationSR 300SR 300SR 100SR 30

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Istimara: Vehicle Registration License

The “Istimara” is the official vehicle registration license in Saudi Arabia. It’s a crucial document that proves a vehicle’s registration with the Saudi General Directorate of Traffic. Obtaining and renewing the Istimara is mandatory for all vehicle owners to ensure their vehicle’s legality on the road.

New Change: Renewal Fee Based on Fuel Efficiency

Starting from October 22, 2024, Saudi Arabia will charge a new fee structure for the issuance and renewal of Vehicle Registration Licenses (istimara), focusing on the vehicle’s fuel efficiency. This initiative initially targets owners of new light vehicles of the 2024 model year, with plans to extend it to all light and heavy vehicles throughout the year.

The fee assessment is based on two key criteria: engine capacity for older and all heavy vehicles, and fuel efficiency for the newer light vehicles. The structure is segmented into five levels according to fuel consumption efficiency, offering no charge for vehicles with low consumption rates.

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How to Pay

Saudi Arabia offers multiple convenient payment methods for vehicle registration fees, aiming for an efficient and user-friendly process. Owners can settle their fees through online banking services or ATMs, ensuring accessibility and ease for all vehicle owners.

In conclusion, it’s important for vehicle owners to stay informed about these changes and understand the fees applicable to their vehicles to ensure compliance and avoid any inconvenience.