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Find Any Saudi Bank IBAN Number Online

What is the IBAN?

An IBAN, or International Bank Account Number, is a unique code that identifies a bank account from anywhere in the world. The code is made up of a series of letters and numbers, and it provides a way for banks to transfer money internationally. Are you wondering how to find your IBAN of a Saudi Bank account? You’ve come to the right place to find your IBAN. Keep reading, and you’ll learn how to get the IBAN Number of your Saudi bank account.

How to Check IBAN Online

If you have a bank account in Saudi Arabia and are unsure about your IBAN, here is how to get it online.

Visit the Riyad Bank website:

saudi arabia IBAN number check, iban generator
  • Select the “Generate IBAN” option.
  • If your account is with “Riyad Bank“, choose that option; otherwise, choose “Saudi Banks” if your account is with any other Saudi bank.
  • If you choose the “Saudi Banks” option, select your bank from the drop-down menu (e.g. AlRajhi Bank, Alinma).
  • Enter your account number in the Account Number box.
  • Click on the “Generate IBAN” button.

Your IBAN will be generated instantly.

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How to Validate IBAN Online

You can ensure that an IBAN number is correct by visiting the Validate IBAN tool on the Riyad Bank website. This tool will allow you to validate an IBAN.

Go to the Riyadh bank website:

Validate IBAN, Check IBAN Number, Saudi Arabia
  • Select the “Validate IBAN” option.
  • Enter your IBAN Number in the IBAN Number box.
  • Click on the “Validate IBAN” button.

You will get the result instantly.

Keep in mind this tool generates the IBAN based on the account number you provide. A wrong account number will generate an incorrect IBAN. Generating an IBAN does not necessarily mean that the account exists at the related bank.

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