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Check IBAN Number of Saudi Banks

What is IBAN

The term IBAN refers to “International Bank Account Number”. An IBAN is used in Saudi Arabia to uniquely identify a customer’s bank account. The IBAN consists of an alphabetical country code, followed by two digits, and then up to twenty-four characters for the bank account number.

Importance of IBAN

  • IBAN is a mandatory requirement to send and receive local and international payments between banks in a secured way
  • The IBAN follows an internationally accepted standard
  • IBAN is not a new Bank Account Number
  • IBAN will include additional characters and numbers around your current Bank Account number
  • Your present Bank Account Number will not change

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The Benefits of IBAN

  • Increased compliance to internationally accepted standards means fraud becomes almost impossible
  • IBAN is consistent with international banking systems which makes it easier to process transactions with local and international banks
  • IBAN eliminates delays in receiving payments
  • Verification of beneficiary accounts reduces errors triggered by entering incorrect account numbers

How to Check your Saudi Bank IBAN Number

Click Here to visit the Saudi Banks IBAN Generator page by Riyadh Bank

Select your Bank from the drop-down list

Provide your Bank Account Number

Click on “Generate IBAN”

In the next window, you will get your IBAN number.