Saudi Post International Cargo Price List 2024

By Mohammed Ameen

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Saudi Post International Cargo Price List 2024

Saudi Post Cargo Price List 2024

Saudi Post, a reputable state-owned enterprise, offers dependable and cost-effective postal solutions both domestically and internationally. This article focuses on their competitive rates for international express parcel services, particularly to South Asian destinations like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. These rates are highly favorable when compared with other shipping providers. Below, you’ll find a detailed list of Saudi Post’s cargo rates, conveniently categorized by country and parcel weight. Whether you’re a business or an individual, these rates are worth considering for your international shipping needs.

Detailed List of Saudi Post International Express Parcel Rates

The following table presents the express parcel rates provided by Saudi Post for various countries. Prices are in Saudi Riyal (SAR) and are based on parcel weight:

CountryUp to 5 Kg5.1 to 10 Kg10.1 to 20 Kg20.1 to 30 Kg
IndiaSAR 189SAR 239SAR 279SAR 319
PakistanSAR 189SAR 239SAR 279SAR 319
BangladeshSAR 189SAR 239SAR 279SAR 319
Sri LankaSAR 175SAR 175SAR 279SAR 319
NepalSAR 189SAR 239SAR 279SAR 319
PhilippinesSAR 189SAR 239SAR 279SAR 319
EgyptSAR 189SAR 239SAR 279SAR 319
UAESAR 189SAR 239SAR 279SAR 319
USASAR 210SAR 324SAR 479SAR 619
UKSAR 210SAR 369SAR 499SAR 639

These rates include the cost of delivering the package to the recipient’s address. Remember that delivery times can vary based on the destination country and specific location. According to Saudi Post’s official website, the typical delivery window ranges from 10 to 15 days. This information is crucial when planning your shipments through Saudi Post.

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