How to Add International CME Hours in Mumaris Plus

Wondering how to add international CME hours in the Mumaris plus account? Using the Mumaris plus e-service, a practitioner can request to consider his/her continuous medical education hours obtained outside the Kingdom by attaching all the required documents and submitting the application to the Commission for study and approval. Here is the step by step procedure.

Steps of Adding International CME Hours

  • Log into your Mumaris account using your username and password.
  • Go to “E-Services“, then “CME/PD Services“, then click on the “Adding International CME Hours.”
  • Read the General Instructions and click on the “Done” button.
  • On the next screen, provide contact information and click on the “Next.”
  • On the activities screen, click on “add activity.”
  • Fill in the activity title, activity hours, and activity conducting start date, then click on the “Next” button. 
  • You will have to upload attachments; click on the “Next” button once the documents are attached.
  • Review the data and check the declaration box on the next screen, then click on “Next.”
  • Finally, you will see your application reference number on the screen; now, click finish.
  • You will receive a confirmation email after reviewing your request. 

To know more about the process visit the scfhs website.


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