How to Activate or De-Activate Zain KSA Voicemail Service

Voicemail is a recording system that enables callers to leave you a voice message if you are on another call, unable to answer, or if your mobile phone is switched off. Then, at your convenience, you can retrieve the messages. Here is how to turn on and turn off Zain KSA voicemail service.

Zain Voicemail Charges

There is no charge for this service. When you call to retrieve your messages from within the Kingdom, you will be charged 0.25 SR/min. While roaming internationally, the rate will be 5 SR/min.

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How to Activate Zain Voicemail Service?

You can activate Zain Voicemail service by dialing 1700 and following the instructions.

How to Retrieve Zain Voice Massages?

To retrieve the Zain voice messages, dial 1700 or 0590001700.

How To Turn-Off/Deactivate Zain Voicemail Service

You can cancel Zain KSA voicemail service by dialing ##002#