Zain KSA Voicemail Service: Activation and Deactivation Guide

By Mohammed Ameen

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Zain KSA Voicemail Service Activation and Deactivation Guide

Voicemail stands as an indispensable communication tool, allowing callers to leave you voice messages whenever you’re engaged in another call, unable to respond, or if your device is powered off. This convenience ensures you never miss important information, as you can listen to your messages at a time that suits you best. Below, we delve into the straightforward process of activating and deactivating the Zain KSA Voicemail Service, along with an overview of associated costs.

Understanding Zain Voicemail Costs

Utilizing the Zain Voicemail service is free of charge, promoting seamless communication. However, accessing your voicemail messages incurs a nominal fee. When calling from within Saudi Arabia, you’ll be charged at a rate of 0.25 SAR per minute. For those accessing their voicemail while abroad, the international roaming rate applies, which is 5 SAR per minute.

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Activating Zain Voicemail Service

To initiate the Zain Voicemail service, simply:

  1. Dial 1700 on your Zain KSA mobile.
  2. Follow the voice instructions to activate the service.

Activation is immediate, ensuring you’re promptly equipped to receive voicemails.

Retrieving Your Zain Voicemail Messages

Accessing your voicemail messages is straightforward:

  • From your Zain KSA line, dial 1700 or 0590001700.
  • Follow the prompts to listen to your messages.

Deactivating Zain Voicemail Service

Should you decide to disable the voicemail service, the process is just as simple:

  • Key in the code ##002# on your device and dial.
  • The service will be deactivated immediately, and you’ll receive a confirmation notification.

By following these steps, you can effortlessly manage your Zain KSA Voicemail service, ensuring you stay connected while managing your communication preferences effectively.