Zain Saudi Arabia Service Codes

Zain is one of the top three telecom companies in Saudi Arabia. Zain was launched in 2008. Zain offers fixed line mobile line and Internet services. Here are some of the useful Zain service codes.

Zain KSA Service Codes

Zain Saudi Arabia Customer Care Number: 959 or 0590000959

Zain KSA Balance Check Command: *142#

Zain KSA Recharge Command: *141* Recharge Voucher Number #

Check Data Balance with Zain: *405# or send BC to 700212

Send Please Call Me Message from Zain: *123* Mobile Number #

Zain Saudi Credit Transfer:

Sender: Send “BT Reciepient Number Amount” to 702702

Example: BT 0540008989 20 to 702702

Reciever: Send Iqama/ Id number to 702702

Example: 2400756980 to 702702

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