8 Easy Ways to Check Your Mobily SIM Credit and Data Balance

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Looking to check your Mobily credit and data balance? You’ve come to the right place! This user-friendly guide gives several simple methods for quickly checking your Mobily balance. Whether it’s by using a USSD code, sending an SMS, using the Mobily app, or placing a call to customer service, we’ve got a solution for you. So, let’s get started!

4 Easy Ways to Check Mobily Credit Balance

Below are four quick and easy methods to track your Mobily SIM balance.

Using Mobily Balance Check Code

You can conveniently check your Mobily SIM balance by dialling *1411# on your mobile phone. Your remaining balance will promptly be displayed on your mobile screen.

Balance Check via SMS

Another option is to use the SMS service. Text “1” to 1411, and Mobily will immediately send you an SMS containing your remaining balance information.

Check Mobily SIM Balance through Mobily App

You can access your balance information easily by downloading and installing the Mobily App from the Play Store or the App Store. After logging in with your Mobily number, your remaining balances will be shown on the app’s dashboard.

Balance Check via Customer Care

Contacting customer service is another effective way to track your Mobily SIM balance. To listen to your remaining balance, dial Mobily Customer Care Number 1100 and follow the instructions.

4 Ways to Check Your Mobily Data Balance

Here are three easy methods to keep track of your Mobily data.

Checking Data Balance by USSD Code

A simple way to verify your remaining Mobily data or internet balance is by dialling *1422#. Instantly your data balance will be displayed on your mobile screen.

Data Balance Check by SMS

To receive your remaining data balance information via SMS, text “1” to 1422. Mobily will instantly reply with an SMS outlining your remaining internet data balance.

Checking Data Balance via Mobily App

An alternative method to monitor your Mobily internet data balance involves using the Mobily app. Download the application, complete the sign-up process, and then go to the Dashboard. Here, your data balance will be displayed.

Data Balance Check via Customer Care

Another easy way to check your Mobily data balance is to call customer service. Just dial 1100, follow the steps they tell you, and you’ll hear how much internet data you have left.


In conclusion, staying on top of your Mobily usage has never been easier. You can quickly check your credit and data balance by using these simple methods, such as dialling a code, sending an SMS, checking through the Mobily app, or calling customer service. Remember, keeping track of your usage can help you manage your resources better and avoid any unwanted surprises. Happy tracking!

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