Mobily Prepaid Internet Packages 2023

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mobily internet packages

Mobily Internet Packages 2023

Are you looking for an affordable and reliable prepaid mobile internet package? Look no further than Mobily, a trusted provider of prepaid internet packages in Saudi Arabia. With options available for both light and heavy users, Mobily offers the flexibility to choose the right amount of data for your needs. Known for its good reputation, excellent customer service, and wide range of package options, Mobily is a top choice for prepaid internet in the country. In this article, we will delve into the various Mobily internet packages available.

Mobily Prepaid Data SIM Packages

If you’re looking for a way to get online without being tied down to a specific location, then using your Mobily prepaid data sim on a mini WiFi device or router is a great option. This way, you can take your internet with you wherever you go and get online whenever you want. Plus, it’s a great way to stay connected with friends and family while on the go. The following is a list of prepaid data SIM packages offered by Mobily:

Data PackageValidity Price
10GB 3 MonthsSAR 200
20GB3 MonthsSAR 260
50GB2 MonthsSAR 250
100GB 3 MonthsSAR 375
300GB3 MonthsSAR 525
Unlimited1 MonthSAR 379.50

Mobily Prepaid Data Bundles

You can activate Mobily prepaid internet packages in several ways:

  • Sending the activation codes to 1100
  • Using the Mobily app
  • Calling the Mobily customer care number 1100
  • Using the mobile self-service portal at

The following are the various prepaid data bundles offered by Mobily:

Data PlanValidityPriceSub/RenewCancel
150MB15 DaysSAR 5.7575000750
500MB15 DaysSAR 17.2551005102
1GB30 DaysSAR 34.5061006102
2GB 30 DaysSAR 57.5072007202
5GB 30 DaysSAR 86.2573007302
10GB  30 DaysSAR 109.2570507052
10GB 90 DaysSAR 189.7560706072
20+20GB +40GB SM30 DaysSAR 155.2563006302
20GB 90 DaysSAR 25382008202
50+25GB +75GB SM60 DaysSAR 241.5070907092
50GB90 DaysSAR 29980708072
100GB 30 DaysSAR 18470807082
100GB +100GB SM90 DaysSAR 36880808082
300GB 90 DaysSAR 517.50300N/A
600GB180 DaysSAR 1,035606N/A
Unlimited30 DaysSAR 375.7549304932
SM- Social Media Data

How to Check Mobily Internet Balance

There are several ways to check your Mobily data balance:

  • Dialing *1411#
  • Checking the balance on the Mobily App
  • Checking the balance on the Mobily self-service portal
  • Calling the Mobily customer care number 1100

Mobily Internet Package Renewal

Once the validity period of your Mobily prepaid internet plan expires, it will be automatically renewed. If you wish to renew your subscription immediately after you have used up your data balance, you can do so by sending a renewal command in an SMS to 1100. If you prefer to stop the auto-renewal of your package but keep your remaining data balance until it is consumed or expires, you can do so by sending a stop auto-renewal command to 1100.

In Summary

We hope you found this list of Mobily internet packages helpful in choosing the right one for you. Whether you need a lot of data or just a little, this list has an option that will suit your needs. So what are you waiting for? Pick out your favourite package and get online today!

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