Latest Prepaid SIM Internet Plans KSA – Dec 2023

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Saudi Arabia Prepaid SIM Internet Packages: STC, Mobily, Zain KSA

Prepaid SIM Internet Packages in Saudi Arabia

Searching for cost-effective prepaid data SIM plans in Saudi Arabia? Look no further. This article, current as of December 1, 2023, provides a comprehensive guide to the newest prepaid data SIM plans available in the region. From daily packages to unlimited annual offerings, our curated selection is designed to assist you in finding the perfect plan that aligns with your specific needs.

Saudi Telecom Company-STC

Here is a list of the STC QuickNet prepaid internet packages, complete with their validity, price, and activation code. If you are an STC prepaid customer, you can activate these packages by sending the activation code to 900.

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STC Quicknet New Prepaid SIM Internet Packages

Data PlanValidityPrice (Incl. VAT)
35GB+45GB Streaming Data1 monthSAR 115.00
100GB+19GB Social Media Data1 monthSAR 195.50
10GB3 monthsSAR 201.25
85GB+90GB Streaming Data2 monthsSAR 253.00
20GB Roaming1 weekSAR 287.50
100GB+120GB Streaming3 monthsSAR 368.00
Unlimited1 monthSAR 373.75
50GB Roaming1 monthSAR 402.50
300GB3 monthsSAR 517.50
500GB6 monthsSAR 862.50
Unlimited3 monthsSAR 1121.25
1000GB1 yearSAR 1725.00

STC Quicknet Prepaid Internet Renewal Plans

Data PlanValidityPrice (Incl. VAT)Activation Code
35GB+45GB streaming1 monthSAR 115.002743
80GB+90GB streaming3 monthsSAR 253.002744
100GB+120GB streaming3 monthsSAR 368.002745
10GB3 monthsSAR 201.252722
300GB3 monthsSAR 517.502728
100GB+19GB Social Media1 monthSAR 195.502734
500GB6 monthsSAR 862.502731
Unlimited1 monthSAR 373.752726
Unlimited1 weekSAR 109.252730
Unlimited3 monthsSAR 1121.252739
Unlimited1 daySAR 23.00via mystc app
1000GB1 yearSAR 1725.002746

STC Quicknet Prepaid eSIM Plans

25GB+25GB Streaming1 monthSAR 57.50
80GB+80GB Streaming2 monthsSAR 126.50
100GB+100GB Streaming3 monthsSAR 184.00
Unlimited1 monthSAR 261.62
100GB+19GB Social1 monthSAR 136.85
10GB3 monthsSAR 140.88
Unlimited3 monthsSAR 784.88
300GB 3 monthsSAR 362.25
500GB 6 monthsSAR 603.75
1000GB1 yearSAR 1725.00


Mobily offers a range of prepaid data plans for internet access. The Mobily prepaid data plans are designed to meet the needs of different users, with options available for both heavy and light internet users.

Mobily Prepaid Data SIM Plans

Data PlanValidityPrice (Incl. VAT)
10GB 90 daysSAR 200.00
20GB90 daysSAR 260.00
50GB+25GB+85GB Social Media Data60 daysSAR 250.00
100GB+120GB Social Media Data90 daysSAR 375.00
300GB90 daysSAR 525.00

Mobily Data Bundles

Data PlanValidityPrice (Incl. VAT)Activation Code
150MB15 daysSAR 5.75750
500MB15 daysSAR 17.255100
1GB30 daysSAR 34.56100
2GB30 daysSAR 57.507200
5GB30 daysSAR 86.257300
10GB30 daysSAR 109.257050
10GB90 daysSAR 189.756070
20GB+20GB+50GB Social Media Data30 daysSAR 155.256300
20GB90 daysSAR 253.008200
50GB+25GB+85GB Social Media Data60 daysSAR 241.507090
50GB90 daysSAR 299.008070
100GB30 daysSAR 184.007080
100GB+120GB Social Media Data90 daysSAR 368.008080
300GB90 daysSAR 517.50300
600GB180 daysSAR 1035.00606
Unlimited30 daysSAR 373.754930

Zain KSA

Zain KSA offers a range of prepaid plans for internet access. The Zain KSA prepaid plans are designed to meet the needs of different users, with options available for both heavy and light internet users.

Data PlanValidityPrice (Incl. VAT)
25GB+25GB Social Media Data1 monthSAR 113.85
30GB+30GB Social3 monthsSAR 201.25
75GB+75GB Social2 monthsSAR 228.85
125GB+100GB Social3 monthsSAR 343.85
150GB+150GB Social3 monthSAR 458.85
300GB3 monthsSAR 450.00
Unlimited 5G Internet1 monthSAR 373.75
105GB1 monthSAR 184.00
Unlimited 5G Internet3 monthsSAR 1148.85
300GB3 monthsSAR 517.50

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile prepaid internet packages are designed to be flexible and convenient, with the option to choose from various data allowances at different price points.

Data PlanValidityPrice (Excl. VAT)
100GB1 monthSAR 150.00
100GB3 monthsSAR 220.00
300GB3 monthsSAR 450.00
300GB6 monthsSAR 475.00
600GB6 monthsSAR 920.00
600GB12 monthsSAR 950.00
Unlimited1 monthSAR 325.00
Unlimited3 monthsSAR 975.00
Unlimited6 monthsSAR 1950.00
Unlimited12 monthsSAR 3950.00


If you want a great mobile prepaid package in Saudi Arabia, check out Friendi Mobile’s prepaid internet plans.

Data PlanValidityPrice (Excl. VAT)
30MB1 daySAR 1.99
100MB3 daysSAR 4.99
500MB7 daysSAR 8.50
1GB10 daysSAR 12.99
1.2GB21 daysSAR 17.00
1.5+0.4GB30 daysSAR 25.99
2.5+1GB30 daysSAR 39.99
13GB30 daysSAR 55.00
40GB30 daysSAR 85.00
20+40GB30 daysSAR 99.00
Unlimited Data30 daysSAR 325.00
10GB90 daysSAR 110.00
30+20GB90 daysSAR 175.00
50+25GB90 daysSAR 260.00
100+100GB90 daysSAR 330.00
300GB90 daysSAR 450.00


Red Bull Mobile is another option for those seeking an affordable mobile data plan in Saudi Arabia. The company offers a variety of prepaid internet packages, each with different data allowances and price points to suit your needs.

Data PlanValidityPrice (Excl. VAT)
8GB+8GB Social30 daysSAR 60.00
20GB+20GB Social30 daysSAR 85.00
50GB+50GB Social30 daysSAR 130.00
Unlimited Data30 daysSAR 325.00
80GB+80GB Social60 daysSAR 210.00
100GB90 daysSAR 220.00
100GB+100GB Social90 daysSAR 285.00
350GB90 daysSAR 480.00


Data PlanValidityPrice (Excl. VAT)
500MB1 daySAR 5.00
1GB1 daySAR 10.00
5GB1 daySAR 15.00
10GB3 daysSAR 20.00
Unlimited Youtube1 daySAR 9.99
Unlimited Social1 daySAR 5.99
Unlimited1 daySAR 19.00
50MB7 daysSAR 2.00
500MB7 daysSAR 10.00
3GB+1GB+2GB Social7 daysSAR 25.00
10GB7 daysSAR 35.00
Unlimited Social7 daysSAR 29.99
Unlimited7 daysSAR 99.00
15GB14 daysSAR 50.00
20GB14 daysSAR 60.00
1GB21 daysSAR 17.00
2GB30 daysSAR 28.00
4GB30 daysSAR 45.00
10GB+3GB+5GB Social30 daysSAR 65.00
25GB+10GB+15GB Social30 daysSAR 95.00
50GB+10GB+10GB Social30 daysSAR 115.00
100GB30 daysSAR 175.00
Unlimited30 daysSAR 345.00
10GB85 daysSAR 110.00
20GB+10GB+15GB Social90 daysSAR 175.00
50GB+50GB Social90 daysSAR 260.00
100GB+50GB Social90 daysSAR 330.00


In summary, Saudi Arabia’s telecom carriers offer a variety of prepaid SIM internet packages suitable for different needs and budgets in 2023. We have highlighted the top choices to help you find the perfect plan for your connectivity needs. With a wide range of options, staying online is hassle-free. As technology progresses, expect to see these plans improve, offering you even more value.

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