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Fiber Optic Internet Plans And Prices in Saudi Arabia, 2022

Fiber optic internet access is the fastest type of internet connection available today. Fiber optic connections work by using light pulses to transmit data, making them up to 100 times faster than traditional copper wires. Although STC fiber packages are the most popular, Saudi Arabia offers a wide range of other options. This article will show you the most popular fiber optic postpaid plans and prices offered by various Saudi operators.

Fiber optic internet is one of the most popular methods for connecting to the Internet. Fiber has many advantages over copper cables, including higher bandwidth, longer range, and immunity to electromagnetic interference. The most popular transmission medium for fiber optic communication is light and it is used by many service providers in the world.

Fiber-Optic Internet Packages in Saudi Arabia (POSTPAID)

#1: STC Fiber Packages

STC is the country’s most popular fiber optic internet provider. They offer a variety of packages. The company offers a free modem for new installations. See the list of STC fiber packages for homes below:

Baity Fiber 100 Unlimited100MbpsSAR 287.50
Baity Fiber 200 Unlimited200MbpsSAR 345
Baity Fiber 300Unlimited300MbpsSAR 403
Baity Fiber 500Unlimited500MbpsSAR 804
stc fiber optic internet packages 2022

#2: ZAIN Fiber

Zain’s Fiber is a high-speed internet service that can handle multiple devices simultaneously. It offers speeds of up to 500Mbps.

Zain Fiber Home BasicUnlimited 100MbpsSAR 289
Zain Fiber HomeUnlimited 200MbpsSAR 349
Zain Fiber Home PremiumUnlimited300MbpsSAR 417.5
Zain Fiber Home Premium PlusUnlimited 500MbpsSAR 827

#3: MOBILY Fiber

Mobily is another popular Fiber optic internet provider in Saudi Arabia. Their residential plans come with speeds of up to 500Mbps.

Mobily Fiber 100Unlimited100MbpsSR 287.50
Mobily Fiber 200Unlimited 200MbpsSAR 345
Mobily Fiber 300Unlimited 300MbpsSAR 402.50
Mobily Fiber 500Unlimited 300MbpsSAR 920

#4: GO Fiber

Go offers a free modem on the new installation of any below packages. In addition, the company also offers a Shahid VIP free subscription for 3 months.

Package -1Unlimited 100MbpsSAR 269
Package -2Unlimited 200MbpsSAR 329
Package -3Unlimited 300MbpsSAR 379
Package -4Unlimited 500MbpsSAR 699

#5: Salam Fiber (Previously Integrated Telecom Company – ITC)

Salam is a telecommunication company in Saudi Arabia. The company provides four different fiber internet packages for homes, which are as follows.

Salam Fiber -100Unlimited100MbpsSAR 290
Salam Fiber – 240Unlimited240MbpsSAR 360
Salam Fiber – 500Unlimited500MbpsSAR 700
Salam Fiber – 1000Unlimited930 MbpsSAR 1000
salam fiber internet packages 2022, integrated telecom company itc


If you are looking for a fast and reliable postpaid internet plan in Saudi Arabia, then a fiber optic connection is definitely the way to go. This article has compared some of the best fiber optic postpaid plans and prices currently available in Saudi Arabia. So whether you are looking for an unlimited data plan or a more affordable option, there is definitely a plan out there that will suit your needs.


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