Fiber Internet Packages in Saudi Arabia 2024

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Fiber Internet Plans in Saudi Arabia

Postpaid Fiber Internet Packages for Home in Saudi Arabia

Fiber internet is revolutionizing internet connectivity with its unparalleled speed and reliability. Utilizing fiber-optic cables, this technology offers blazing-fast data transmission, making it the ideal choice for activities such as gaming, streaming, and other bandwidth-intensive tasks. If you’re in Saudi Arabia and searching for a dependable and high-speed fiber internet connection for your home, this article will provide you with an overview of the latest postpaid fiber plans offered by telecom companies in the country.

STC Fiber Packages

STC stands out as Saudi Arabia’s most popular fiber optic internet provider, offering an extensive range of packages tailored to suit any household. To facilitate a seamless transition, the company provides a complimentary modem for new installations. Below is a list of STC fiber internet packages, allowing you to find the perfect one that caters to your specific requirements.

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PackageLimitDownload SpeedUpload SpeedAdd-onsMonthly Price
Baity BasicUnlimited300Mbps100MbpsLite subscription onlySAR 287.50
Baity StreamUnlimited500Mbps125Mbps3 free wifi extenders, STC tv ClassicSAR 402.5
Baity GamesUnlimited500Mbps200Mbps3 free wifi extenders, STC play sub., STC live sub.SAR 402.50
Baity EntertainmentUnlimited500Mbps200MbpsSTC tv box classic, 3 free wifi extenders, STC play subSAR 460
Baity MaxUnlimited1GB300Mbps3 Wi-Fi extenders +STC tv box with Shahid VIP and VIP sports +OSNSAR 1,035
*Special Offer Price

ZAIN Fiber Plans

Zain Fiber presents a high-speed internet service capable of supporting multiple devices simultaneously. With speeds reaching up to 500Mbps, it stands as one of the fastest options available. The service comes with the choice of a 12-month or 24-month contract, allowing you to select the option that aligns best with your needs. Please note that early termination during the commitment period incurs an early termination fee.

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PackageLimitDownload SpeedUpload SpeedAdd-onsMonthly Price
Fiber Home BasicUnlimited 300Mbps100Mbps1 Free OTT SubscriptionSAR 279
Fiber Home Basic PlusUnlimited 200Mbps50MbpsSAR 239
Fiber Home PlusUnlimited500Mbps200Mbps1 Free WiFi Extender, 2 Free OTT SubscriptionsSAR 369

MOBILY Fiber Plans

Another leading fiber optic internet provider in Saudi Arabia is Mobily. With Mobily, customers enjoy the added benefit of receiving a free router, installation, and activation.

PackageLimitDownload SpeedUpload SpeedMonthly Price
Fiber Postpaid 300Unlimited300Mbps100MbpsSR 287.50
Fiber Postpaid 400Unlimited 400Mbps150MbpsSAR 345
Fiber Postpaid 500Unlimited 500Mbps200MbpsSAR 402.50
Fiber Postpaid 1GBUnlimited 1Gbs300MbpsSAR 920

GO Fiber Packages

Go is a telecom company that offers highly competitive fiber internet plans in Saudi Arabia. Take a look at their plans below:

PackageLimitDownload SpeedUpload SpeedMonthly Price
Go Fiber Postpaid 300Unlimited 300Mbps75MbpsSAR 287.5
Go Fiber Postpaid 500Unlimited 500Mbps125MbpsSAR 389

Salam Fiber Plans

Salam is a reputable telecommunications company in Saudi Arabia, offering three distinct postpaid fiber internet packages for homes:

PackageLimitDownload SpeedUpload SpeedAdd-onsMonthly Price
Salam Fiber 300Unlimited300Mbps100MbpsBronze land line number, Free local minutesSAR 200
Salam Fiber 500Unlimited500Mbps125MbpsPlatinum land line number, Free local minutesSAR 248
Salam Fiber 1000Unlimited930Mbps300MbpsPlatinum land line number, Free local, Free Wifi-ExtenderSAR 690


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