STC Customer Care Number and Other Ways to Contact

By Mohammed Ameen

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How to Contact STC Customer Care via Various Channels

5 Tips to Contact STC Customer Care

Saudi Telecom Company (STC) is a leading telecommunications provider in Saudi Arabia, offering a wide range of services, including landline, mobile and fiber Internet. If you need help or have questions, this guide will show you simple ways to contact STC’s customer service. Here are five easy methods to contact STC customer care whenever you need support.

Speak to STC Customer Care

The STC customer care line acts as your direct line of communication. By simply dialling 900 from your landline or STC mobile, you bridge the gap between your queries and their resolution.

Those outside Saudi Arabia can contact STC by dialling +966 114 55 5555. Our detailed article on vital phone numbers in Saudi Arabia might further assist.

Utilizing Live Chat

For real-time solutions, consider using the live chat feature on the MySTC app. This interactive service swiftly responds to your queries, presenting you with solutions.

Communicating Through FAX

If you prefer a slightly traditional approach, you may choose to reach STC by sending a fax to 8003030969.

Reaching Out on Twitter

With STC maintaining a solid presence on Twitter, you can connect with them by sending a direct message or mentioning their handle @stccare_ksa.

Connecting via Facebook

The social connectivity of Facebook allows you to reach STC with a simple click. Visit their official page at to get in touch.


So, the next time you want to connect with STC Customer Care in Saudi Arabia, remember you are spoilt for choice. Be it a simple phone call, a chat on the MySTC app, a traditional fax, or a social outreach on Twitter and Facebook, you have many channels to reach out and receive the support you need concerning STC’s telecommunications services. Choose the path that resonates with your comfort and contact the STC helpline whenever their guidance is sought.

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