6 Methods to Quickly Find Your STC Number

By Mohammed Ameen

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How To Check Your STC Mobile Number

How to Find Your STC SIM Number

STC is the largest telecommunications company in Saudi Arabia and was established back in 1998. If you’ve recently become a part of the expansive STC user family and are looking for ways to check your STC SIM number, you’ve landed in the right place! From dialling USSD codes and using the “Please Call Me” service to visiting an STC store, we will introduce you to six uncomplicated methods to help you discover your STC number.

Find Your STC Number via USSD Code

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The easiest method to get your STC SIM number is to dial a USSD code *150# from your phone. Just dial this STC number check code into your dial pad, choose option 2 for English, and there you have it! Your mobile number will show up on your screen in no time.

Calling the Customer Care

Alternatively, you can find your STC SIM number by dialling STC’s customer care number, 900. Follow the voice-guided steps, and you’ll have your STC SIM number soon.

Try the “Please Call Me” Service

The “please call me” feature helps you know your STC number. Dial *177* followed by your friend’s mobile number# (Example: *177*0552576300). Your friend will get a call request, which will show your number.

Access the CITC My Number Service

CITC’s My Number Service is a super helpful tool to find out how many mobile numbers or data sims are registered under your Iqama. With this service’s help, you can easily find your active STC number.

Log into MySTC Portal

MySTC portal is another platform where you can find your SIM number. Switch on your mobile data and visit the MySTC portal at https://my.stc.com.sa/. Click the “Direct Access” button, log in, click on the “My Profile” tab and go down to the “Basic Information” section. Here, you’ll find your SIM number.

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Visit Your Nearest STC Store

If you’re not tech-savvy, no problem! Simply visit your nearest STC store. The staff there will help you find your SIM number using just your name and ID.


So there you have it – six easy ways to find your STC SIM number. Whether you’re a techie or prefer human interaction, this guide will help you. So, go ahead and discover your STC number and get the best out of STC services with complete peace of mind!

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