STC SAWA Service Commands

Saudi Telecom Company (STC) is a leading telecom company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. STC provides prepaid, postpaid and fixed line services. SAWA is a prepaid service from Saudi Telecom Company.

STC SAWA Service Codes

STC Customer Care Number: 900

Check STC SAWA Balance: *166#

Check your STC SAWA Number: *150#

STC Recharge Command: *155* Coupon Code # or call 1500

Check Data Balance in STC SAWA: Call 900 or send a black message to 2220

SAWA Credit Transfer: *133* Recipient Number * Amount #

Send Call Me Message: *177* Mobile Number #

Change STC SAWA SIM Language from Arabic to English: Send 1390 to 900

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