7 Helpful Lebara Mobile USSD Codes

Lebara Mobile KSA

Lebara Mobile is a popular provider of international and domestic mobile services and offers a range of useful USSD codes for its customers in Saudi Arabia. These codes allow users to quickly and easily access a variety of services, including checking their account balance, recharging lines, activating or deactivating specific features, and more. In this article, we will share seven of the most helpful Lebara USSD codes and explain how to use them. Whether you’re a new or existing customer, these codes can help you manage your account and get the most out of your Lebara Mobile service.

7 Useful Lebara Mobile Service Codes

  • Lebara Balance Check Code: *110#
  • Lebara recharge Code: *111* Coupon Code #
  • Check Data Balance *164#
  • Change Labera Mobile SIM Language: Dial *0000# and select “2” to change your language.
  • Activate Lebara KSA Voicemail Service: *222*41#
  • Deactivate Lebara Voicemail Service: *222*40#
  • Lebara Mobile Credit Transfer: *111*2*Lebara Number * Amount #

Lebara Mobile KSA Customer Service Number

If you’re a Lebara Mobile KSA customer and you need to get in touch with customer service, you can do so by calling 1755. This number will put you through to a customer service representative who can help you with whatever issue you’re having.

How to Access Lebara Voice Mail from your Phone

To access your Lebara Voice Mail from your phone, simply dial 1400 and then enter the default password, 0000. You will then be able to listen to any new messages that have been left for you.


We hope you found this list of Lebara Mobile USSD codes helpful. With these codes, you can check your balance, recharge your account, and more. So bookmark this page or save it somewhere safe so that you can reference it the next time you need to use one of these codes.

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