Lebara KSA Codes to Check Balance, Offers, Recharge & More

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lebara balance check, lebara recharge code

Lebara Mobile is a popular choice for mobile service in Saudi Arabia. To simplify account management for its customers, Lebara offers a number of convenient USSD codes. These codes provide quick access to essential services such as checking your balance, offers, recharging your account, managing features, and more. In this guide, we’ll cover eight of the most useful Lebara USSD codes and explain how to utilize them. Whether you’re a new Lebara customer or an existing user, these codes can simplify your tasks.

Useful Lebara Mobile Service Codes

  • Lebara Balance Check Code: *110#
  • Lebara recharge Code: *111* Coupon Code #
  • Check Data Balance *164#
  • Change Labera Mobile SIM Language: Dial *0000# and select “2” to change your language.
  • Activate Lebara KSA Voicemail Service: *222*41#
  • Deactivate Lebara Voicemail Service: *222*40#
  • Lebara Mobile Credit Transfer: *111*2*Lebara Number * Amount #
  • Lebara Offer Check Code: *777*3*2#
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Lebara Mobile KSA Customer Service Number

If you have questions or need assistance with your Lebara Mobile KSA account, customer service representatives are available by calling 1755.

How to Access Lebara Voice Mail from your Phone

Lebara Voicemail can be conveniently accessed by dialing 1400 on your mobile phone. To listen to your messages, enter the default PIN, 0000. You will then be able to listen to any new messages that have been left for you.

In conclusion, these Lebara Mobile USSD codes simplifies your account management, allowing you to check balances, top up, and more – all without needing the internet. Bookmark this page for quick future reference and experience the ease of managing your Lebara service whenever needed.

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