List of Mobily Codes for Different Services

By Mohammed Ameen

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Mobily USSD Codes

Mobily Saudi Arabia Service Codes

In today’s digitally connected world, managing our telecommunication services at our fingertips has become crucial. If you are a customer of Mobily in Saudi Arabia, one of the leading telecommunications providers, you are in for a treat. This article will provide a comprehensive list of Mobily USSD codes and SMS commands that enable you to access various services instantly. From checking your balance to managing your data bundles, these codes serve as a quick and convenient gateway to efficient telecom management. So let’s get started.

Mobily USSD Codes List

Here is an updated list of some of the most commonly used Mobily KSA prepaid service USSD codes:

ServiceUSSD Code
Mobily Main Menu*1100#
Mobily Balance Check*1411#
Internet Balance Check*1422#
Mobily Recharge*1400*recharge coupon code#
Mobily Credit Transfer*123*mobile number*amount#
Voicemail Activation on All Calls**21*1410#
Voicemail Activation on No Answer Calls**61*1410#
“Call Me” Service Activation*199#
Check Roaming Tariff of Your Current Country*148#
For “Collect Call” or “Kaliha Alai” Service. (Recipient will pay for the call)*09mobile number
Call Blocking (Rahati) Service Cancellation*5678#
Request Emergency Credit*405#
To View Your Own Number*222#
Send “How are you?” Message *118#
Checking International Benefits*221#
Request Credit from Someone / Send Me Credit*122#
Activate the Missed Call Notification Service**62*1431#
Call Waiting Service Activation*43#

Mobily SMS Commands List

DescriptionSMS Command
Check Balance“1” to 1411
Unsubscribe Internet Bundles“Unsub Net” to 1100
National Minute Bundles“8800” to 1100
Ranan“1” to 1404
Internet Bundles“Net” to 1100
Roaming Bundles“Trip” to 1100
Mobily Prepaid Bundles“444” to 1100
International Minute Bundles“99911” to 1100
Activate Call Blocking (Rahati) Service“567” to 1100
Cancel Call Blocking (Rahati) Service“5678” to 1100
Collect Call Service“Collect <space> mobile number” to 1100

Mobily Customer Care Number

If a USSD code or SMS command for a particular service isn’t listed, don’t worry. Mobily’s customer service is there to help you anytime. Dial 1100 from your Mobily number or 0560101100 from any other number.


To conclude, the power to manage your Mobily services lies in these simple but significant USSD codes and SMS commands. These codes offer a quick, convenient, and always accessible solution for service management, making the whole telecom experience seamless. However, if you need a service for which a code is not listed here, Mobily’s customer service is readily available. Reach out anytime by dialling 1100 from your Mobily line or 0560101100 from any other line. Empower yourself with these codes and experience the utmost ease in managing your Mobily services.

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