Report Drug Trafficking in Saudi Arabia: Jawazat Urges Public Involvement

By Mohammed Ameen

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Report Drug Trafficking in Saudi Arabia: Jawazat Urges Public Involvement

Drug trafficking has been a growing concern globally, and the Saudi Arabian authorities are no exception. In an effort to combat this menace, the Jawazat (General Directorate of Passports) has urged citizens and residents to take a proactive role in reporting any suspected drug trafficking or promotion activities. By doing so, individuals can play a significant part in safeguarding their community and ensuring a safer environment for everyone.

Jawazat’s Appeal to the Public

The Jawazat has outlined various channels through which people can report suspicious activities related to drug trafficking or promotion. The authorities have emphasized that quick and accurate reporting of such incidents can significantly aid in curbing the illegal drug trade and protect communities from its devastating effects.

How to Report

  1. National Directorate for Drug Control’s Number 995: The primary contact for reporting drug-related offenses is the National Directorate for Drug Control’s number 995. This hotline is dedicated to handling drug-related cases, and individuals are encouraged to call this number to report any suspicious activities.
  2. Email at [email protected]: In addition to the hotline, the National Directorate for Drug Control has also provided an email address for reporting drug trafficking and promotion. Citizens and residents can send any relevant information to [email protected], which will be reviewed and acted upon by the authorities.
  3. Unified Security Operations Number 911 or 999: For residents in Riyadh, Makkah, and the Eastern Province, the unified security operations number 911 can be used to report drug-related incidents. Meanwhile, individuals living in all other regions can call 999 to relay any information regarding drug trafficking or promotion. These numbers are part of the broader security infrastructure, and they can handle various types of emergency situations, including drug-related ones.

Importance of Public Cooperation

By reporting drug trafficking and promoting activities, the public can play a crucial role in combating the illegal drug trade. Public vigilance not only helps law enforcement agencies identify and apprehend those involved in such activities, but it also sends a strong message that the community is united in its stand against drugs. This collective effort can create a safer environment for all, reducing the negative impacts of drug use on society.


The Jawazat’s call for public cooperation demonstrates the importance of a united front against drug trafficking and promotion. By being vigilant and reporting any suspicious activities through the available channels, individuals can contribute to the fight against the illegal drug trade and help create a safer and healthier society for everyone.

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