Narcotics Crime Penalties in Saudi Arabia

Narcotics dealers’ punishment according to Saudi law:

Saudi law of Narcotics control is enacted pursuant to the Royal Order No. 4/B/966 and dated 10/07/1407H.that includes the decision of the Senior Jurist Commission No. 138 dated 20/06/1407 H. and the ministerial resolution No. 11 for 1374H. Narcotics Control law differentiates between narcotics smugglers, dealers, and user as follows:

Narcotics Smuggler:

The severest punishment, for those who are involved in smuggling narcotics and bringing narcotics into the kingdom, is death. A person who imports narcotics from abroad is considered a “Smuggler” and also the person who receives narcotics and distributes them to the dealers.


The narcotics law differentiates between the person who deals in narcotics for the first time and the person who is convicted previously. For the first time offender, punishment is imprisonment, lashing or financial fine or all. For the repeat offenders, punishment is increased and the involved person may be sentenced to death.


Narcotics user is jailed for two years and punished according to the judge’s decision. If the offender is a foreigner, he is deported from the Kingdom. A narcotics user who enrolls in a treatment Programme is not questioned but admitted to a specialized hospital. Saudi law in accordance with the United Nation recommendations treats narcotics addicts as patients who need treatment.

Source: MOI KSA

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