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Where does Saudi Arabia get its water from?

Water is a basic need for life. Life without water is unbearable. That is because it has many functions both in the body and in the environment we live in. The human body uses water to function correctly. This is why life is unbearable without water. We also use water for other purposes such as cleaning, cooking, and farming through irrigation.

Saudi Arabia lacks water sources such as rivers because it is located in the desert. Despite the challenges the kingdom goes through, it never lacks water for daily requirements. It runs daily activities that require water as usual. The question is, how? This article explains how Saudi Arabia manages to get water for its daily use.

The lack of natural water sources such as rivers and canals forces the country to look for alternative water sources. The kingdom relies on two significant sources of water. That is groundwater and water from treatment plants.

Ground Water

Groundwater is always a natural source of water that saves people in desert regions. That is because the water never dries. The water is available under the earth layer called the crust. Wells and bore wells are dug into the ground to help procure the water and pump it to the surface. Underground water is available deep into the ground, and therefore you cannot draw the water directly.

That is why wells are dug to help pump the water with a lot of pressure to reach the surface. Once the water reaches the surface, it can be directly drawn and used for other purposes such as farming and cleaning. This has an advantage because underground water is always clean and can be consumed directly without much purification. It does not contain impurities such as salt.

Water From Treatment Plants

The second important source of water in Saudi Arabia is the sea and the process by which seawater is purified for this is another method used by Saudi Arabia to get water. They purify water to make it safe for use. The major impurity talked about here is salt. If you have used salty water before then, you must be familiar with its disadvantages. First, it is not safe to drink. Another thing is that it wastes a lot of soap and detergent when used for cleaning hence not economical.

Saudi Arabia is the biggest country worldwide known to produce water extracted from salty seawater. Although desalination is energy-intensive and requires a lot of capital, it helps save the drawbacks that using salty water might cause. That makes it economical in the long run.

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