10 Must-Have Mobile Apps in Saudi Arabia

By Mohammed Ameen

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10 Must-Have Mobile Apps in Saudi Arabia

10 Must-Use Mobile Apps in Saudi Arabia

In this digital age, mobile apps have become an integral part of our daily lives, offering convenience, entertainment, and connectivity at our fingertips. In this post, we will introduce you to a selected list of mobile applications that are making a significant impact in the daily lives of citizens, residents and visitors. From government services and healthcare to finance and convenience, these apps offer a range of features to enhance efficiency, accessibility, and overall user experience. Let’s dive into the world of these innovative apps that are revolutionising the way people navigate their routines in Saudi Arabia.

NAFATH: Your Digital Gateway

NAFATH is a digital identity platform in Saudi Arabia, ensuring seamless access to both government and private sector services. This app eliminates the hassle of multiple credentials with a single sign-on feature, thereby increasing comfort, efficiency, and safety while connecting you to an array of services.

Absher: Government Services at Your Fingertips

Absher serves as the hub for a multitude of government services in Saudi Arabia, providing citizens and residents with easy access to passports, visas, vehicle registration, and more. Through its intuitive interface, Absher makes administrative processes a breeze and augments the user experience. It’s your one-stop solution to stay on top of official affairs and interact with government bodies.

Tawakkalna Services: A Multifunctional Companion

Tawakkalna Services stands out as a versatile mobile app in Saudi Arabia. It brings to your fingertips an array of services across education, health, religious affairs, and public services. Designed with users in mind, the app aims to enhance daily lives by providing easy access to essential services and information.

MySTC KSA: Your Telecommunications Navigator

MySTC KSA is crafted to ensure a smooth and convenient experience for customers of Saudi Telecom Company (STC). This app centralizes a host of telecom services such as managing mobile and internet subscriptions, monitoring usage and bills, purchasing add-ons and packages, and accessing customer support. Its intuitive interface and robust features empower users to easily manage their telecom needs.

STC Pay App: A Digital Wallet Solution

STC Pay, a revolutionary mobile application by Saudi Telecom Company (STC), brings digital payments in Saudi Arabia to a whole new level. It offers a secure and handy platform for sending and receiving money, shopping online, paying bills, and effortlessly executing financial transactions. With innovative features like instant money transfers and QR code payments, the STC Pay app ensures a smooth digital payment experience.

Nusuk: Your Religious Journey Simplified

The Nusuk app streamlines the process for individuals intending to perform Umrah and visit the Two Holy Mosques in Saudi Arabia. The app conveniently manages the permit issuance process, allowing individuals to fulfill their religious duties with ease.

Sehhaty: Personal Healthcare at Your Disposal

Sehhaty, a mobile app by the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia, equips users with the tools to manage their healthcare requirements. With services like appointment booking, access to health records, and communication with healthcare providers, this app elevates the healthcare experience and empowers individuals to maintain their well-being.

Mada Pay: Effortless Contactless Payments

Mada Pay, a secure mobile payment solution in Saudi Arabia, enables users to execute contactless payments using their smartphones. This app takes convenience to the next level, rendering physical cards or cash obsolete and ensuring a seamless payment experience.

AL KAHRABA: Power at Your Command

AL KAHRABA, a mobile application by the Saudi Electricity Company (SEC), offers a seamless and user-friendly interface for managing electricity services. Users can monitor their accounts, view bills, get meter readings, receive outage notifications, and report issues. It streamlines interactions with SEC, giving users greater autonomy over their electricity usage.

National Water: Embrace Sustainable Water Usage

The National Water app by the National Water Company (NWC) champions water management and conservation. Users can monitor their water consumption, view bills, report issues, and access water-saving tips. It encourages a more sustainable approach to water usage.


In conclusion, these are the variety of useful mobile apps that enhance daily life in Saudi Arabia. From managing government services to making payments and accessing healthcare resources, these apps simplify tasks and improve user experiences. As technology continues to advance, we can expect more innovative apps to further transform daily routines in the Kingdom.

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