Useful Contacts in Saudi Arabia: Emergency and Public Services Numbers

Useful Contacts in Saudi Arabia

When traveling to or living in Saudi Arabia, it’s essential to have a list of useful contacts to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. In this blog article, we will provide you with a comprehensive list of emergency numbers and public services contacts in Saudi Arabia to help you stay prepared and informed.

Emergency Numbers

  1. Police: Dial 999 if you need to report a crime or if you require immediate assistance from the police.
  2. Saudi Ambulance: In case of a medical emergency, call 997 to request an ambulance.
  3. Civil Defense: Reach out to the Civil Defense at 998 for emergencies related to fires, floods, or natural disasters.
  4. Traffic Accidents: For assistance in case of a traffic accident, dial 993.
  5. Highway Patrol: If you need help on the highway, call the Highway Patrol at 996.
  6. Border Guard: Contact the Border Guard at 994 for any issues or concerns related to border security.

Useful Numbers for Tourism

  1. Tourism Call Center: Dial 930 for information and assistance related to tourism in Saudi Arabia.
  2. Tourism International Call Center: Reach out to the international call center at +966920000890 for tourism inquiries.
  3. Najm Company: For assistance with vehicle accidents and insurance claims, call Najm Company at 920000560.
  4. General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat Helpline): Dial 992 for inquiries related to passports and immigration.

Consumer Services

  1. Municipal Services: For municipal services, such as sanitation and waste management, call 940.
  2. Electricity Company Emergency: In case of an electricity emergency, dial 933.
  3. Ministry of Transport Emergency: Reach the Ministry of Transport for emergencies at 938.
  4. Ministry of Commerce Consumer Call Center: For consumer-related inquiries, contact the Ministry of Commerce at 1900.
  5. Ministry of Hajj and Umrah Customer Service: If you have questions about Hajj or Umrah, call +966920002814.
  6. Consumer Protection: Dial 935 for assistance with consumer protection matters.

Public Security

  1. Saudi Public Security: Reach out to Saudi Public Security at 989 for any concerns related to public safety and security.
  2. General Enquiries: For general inquiries, dial 905.
  3. Emergency Medical Consultation: Call 937 if you need an emergency medical consultation.
  4. General Directorate of Narcotics Control: Contact the General Directorate of Narcotics Control at 995 for any issues related to drug control and enforcement.


Having a list of useful contacts in Saudi Arabia is crucial for ensuring a safe and smooth experience, whether you’re a tourist or a resident. Save these numbers in your phone or keep a printed list in your wallet to stay prepared in case of emergencies or when you need assistance.

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