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Saudi Arabia launches “Quddum” platform for arrival registration

Quddum Platform KSA

The Absher portal in Saudi Arabia announced the launch of a new platform “Quddum Platform” (Arrival Platform) for people traveling to the Kingdom from different countries around the world for various reasons. The new platform is to simplify the entry process at various border ports.

The Quddum Platform enables those coming to the kingdom to register and update their health data related to the Corona pandemic (Covid-19) at least 72 hours prior to arrival. Residents and visitors who are immunized and non-immunized, as well as visitors who are coming for treatment and domestic workers accompanying citizens, can benefit from the service.

Additionally, Individuals can also use this service to electronically verify their data registration.

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How to Access Arrival Platform in Absher

Visit: https://absher.sa/

Select “Individuals.”

Select English.

Quddum Platform, Quddum registration ksa, Absher Arrival Registration

Click on the “Arrival Platform

On the next page, click on “Start Registration.

Quddum, Absher Arrival Registration, Quddum ksa

Additionally, you can access the platform directly by clicking on the following link: https://muqeem.sa/#/vaccine-registration/home

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