Absher now allows domestic workers to opt for a new employer

By Mohammed Ameen

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Absher now allows domestic workers to opt for new employer

The Absher Individuals platform recently added a new feature that enables domestic workers to accept or reject requests for sponsorship transfer.

According to the newly introduced mechanism, domestic worker sponsorship will be transferred only if the current employer agrees to the transfer.

The new employer will have to wait for the domestic worker’s approval through Absher Individual (Absher Afrad), and the worker will be transferred to the new employer once the approval is complete. Also Read: Absher announces the launch of “Quddum” platform

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD) launched the Labor Reform Initiative (LRI) last March as part of a major initiative under the National Transformation Program to improve contractual relationships.

Job mobility for expatriate workers between private sector establishments is a key feature of the initiative.