Change of Domestic Workers Employer Made Easy with ‘Musaned’

By Mohammed Ameen

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Change of Domestic Workers Employer Made Easy with 'Musaned'

Service Transfer for Domestic Workers Now Facilitated on the Musaned Portal

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development has unveiled a new feature on the “Musaned” portal that enables change of domestic worker employers, effective August 1, 2023. This is an integral part of their initiative to upgrade the country’s domestic labour sector, focusing on enhancing recruitment quality, protecting rights, and establishing regulated contractual relationships.

This latest development is part of the Ministry’s ongoing efforts to revolutionize the domestic labour market within Saudi Arabia, with objectives of enhancing recruitment quality, safeguarding rights, and establishing a regulated contractual relationship between employers and their domestic workers.

The Musaned portal facilitates the smooth transfer of domestic workers from one employer to another, given that all recruitment regulations, rules, and conditions are met. The transaction for the service transfer can be completed once the current employer, the domestic worker, and the prospective new employer mutually agree on the process. The required fee should be transacted through approved online payment methods. The Ministry has highlighted that this streamlined procedure will safeguard both employer and domestic worker rights during the service transition.

The Ministry introduced the Musaned platform as a vital part of its initiative to modernize the country’s recruitment sector. The portal provides various services to improve the recruitment process, resolve employment contract-related disputes, and ensure rights protection for all involved parties.

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