Saudi Arabia Allows Hiring of Female Private Drivers and Home Guards

By Mohammed Ameen

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MHRSD Approves 13 New Professions for Hiring through Musaned Platform

MHRSD Approves 13 New Professions for Hiring through Musaned Platform

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD) has approved the hiring of workers in 13 new professions through its Musaned electronic platform, including female private drivers, home guards, and private tutors. This move is part of the ministry’s ongoing efforts to develop the domestic labor sector in the Kingdom by providing technical solutions and integrated electronic services to enhance the quality of recruitment, regulate the contractual relationship between all concerned parties, and enable the highest levels of monitoring.

Other professions available for recruitment via Musaned include personal care workers, home tailors, home managers, home farmers, home coffee makers, home travelers, home attendants, private speech and hearing specialists, personal assistants, and support workers.

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Musaned is an integrated electronic system launched by the MHRSD to facilitate the recruitment of domestic workers and to enhance the level of protection of the rights of all parties involved in the labor contract. The platform provides an integrated recruitment journey that allows customers to review all recruitment offices in the Kingdom and select the most suitable one for them based on a set of data, including nationalities, professions, prices, and reviews by previous clients, without the need to visit the ministry’s offices personally.

Musaned Platform
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The Musaned platform works to organize and automate the recruitment process in an integrated manner, contributing to a streamlined and efficient hiring process. By expanding the list of available professions, the MHRSD aims to increase employment opportunities and provide greater flexibility in the domestic labor market, while ensuring the protection of workers’ rights and the provision of high-quality services to all concerned parties.

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