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Overview of Saudi Arabia Iqama Fees for 2022

Iqama Fees 2022

In Saudi Arabia, the Iqama fees are two types; MOI Iqama Fee and MOL Work Permit Fee (Expat Levy). A valid health insurance policy is also a prerequisite to renewing Iqama. Furthermore, if an expatriate resident has dependents in his sponsorship he must pay the dependent fee to renew his Iqama.

Now Iqama Can Renew Quarterly

Saudi Arabia now allows the issuance and renewal of Iqama quarterly. Previously, this was only possible on an annual basis.

Work Permit Fee Exempted Categories

House drivers (Saiq Khas), home-makers, and other domestic workers are exempt from paying the work permit fee. Small businesses with fewer than nine employees, including a full-time Saudi employer, are also exempt from paying the expatriate fee for two employees (only until March 2023). The fee exemption will increase to four workers if the workers include one Saudi citizen in addition to the full-time employer.

Iqama Renewal Process

After paying all of the fees mentioned above, the employer can renew the iqamas of his employees online through the Absher or Muqeem portals.

Iqama Issuance and Renewal Fee

  • Iqama Fee for 3 months: SR 163
  • Iqama Fee for 6 months: SR 325
  • Iqama Fee for 9 months: SR 488
  • Iqama Fee for 1 year: SR 650

Work Permit Fee (Maktab Amal Fee)

The monthly work permit fee in Saudi Arabia is SR 800, and this can pay for a minimum of three months.

  • Maktab Amal fee for 3 months: SR 2,400.
  • Maktab Amal fee for 6 months: SR 4,800.
  • Maktab Amal fee for 9 months: SR 7,200.
  • Maktab Amal fee for 1 year: SR 9,600.

Expat Dependent Fee (Dependent Levy)

Expat residents in Saudi Arabia needs to pay the dependent fee of SR 400 per month per dependent.

  • Dependent Fee for 3 months: SR 1,200/dependent.
  • Dependent Fee for 6 months: SR 2,400/dependent.
  • Dependent Fee for 9 months: SR 3,600/dependent.
  • Dependent Fee for 1 year: SR 4,800/dependent.

Iqama Expiration Penalty

Failure to renew an Iqama will result in an SR 500 first-time penalty and an SR 1,000 second-time penalty. In addition, the holder of an iqama will face a fine and deportation in the event of third-time expiry.

Who is responsible for renewing the iqama, the employer or the employee?

The employer is responsible for renewing the Iqama of his employees. Article 40 (1) of the Saudi Labour Law states that the employer’s responsibility is to pay the Iqama renewal and issuance fees. Likewise, Article 144 of the Saudi Labour Law says that the employer’s responsibility is to provide health care and insurance.

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