Iqama Issuance and Renewal Fees for 2024

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Iqama Fees 2024

If you’re an expat living in Saudi Arabia, it’s useful to know about the costs and steps involved in getting and renewing your Iqama, even though your employer usually handles this. This guide gives you a full rundown on how to renew your Iqama, including the fees, insurance needs, and what you need to do to make sure you can stay in Saudi Arabia without any legal issues.

MOI Iqama Issuance and Renewal Fee

The yearly fee to renew your Iqama is 650 Saudi Riyals, and you have the option to pay this in quarterly or every 3 months. Here’s how it divides up:

DurationFee (SAR)
3 Months163
6 Months325
9 Months488
12 Months650

Work Permit Fee (Maktab Amal Fee) or Levy

Expats working in Saudi Arabia need to pay a monthly work permit fee of 800 Saudi Riyals, which has to be paid at least every three months. Here’s the breakdown of these fees:

DurationFee (SAR)
3 Months2,400
6 Months4,800
9 Months7,200
12 Months9,600

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Expat Dependent Fee

If you’re sponsoring family members, there’s a fee of 400 Saudi Riyals per month for each dependent you need to pay:

DurationFee (SAR)
3 Months1,200
6 Months2,400
9 Months3,600
12 Months4,800

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Health Insurance Fee

Having valid health insurance is a must for getting and renewing your Iqama, and it has to cover you and your family for the Iqama’s entire period. The price changes depending on what the insurance covers, but usually, it’s less than 1000 Saudi Riyals for one person. Most of the time, your company will provide you health insurance, but sometimes you might have to get it for your family yourself, depending on your job contract. It’s really important to talk about this with your boss to make sure you have all the insurance you need for your Iqama.

Changes in Work Permit Fees for Domestic Workers

The fee for work permits now also applies to some household staff. For Saudi employers, this starts from the fifth domestic worker they hire. For foreign employers, it starts with the third domestic worker.

Levy Exemptions for Small Businesses

Saudi Arabia has decided to excempt work permit fees for another three years, until March 2027. This applies to small businesses with up to nine employees, counting the Saudi owner too. Here are the specifics of who doesn’t have to pay the fees:

  • Small firms with nine or fewer employees registered with the General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) can get an exemption from paying the levy for two foreign employees.
  • If an establishment includes at least one Saudi citizen besides the employer, with both registered with GOSI, the firm will get a levy exemption for up to four expatriate employees.
  • An establishment can get an exemption for up to a maximum of four foreign workers from the levy, regardless of its size.

Step-by-Step Guide to the Iqama Renewal Process

To renew your Iqama, ensure you:

  1. Pay the MOI Iqama fee.
  2. Clear any work permit fees.
  3. Settle outstanding traffic fines.
  4. Have a valid health insurance policy.
  5. Pay the dependent fee (if applicable).

Once done, your employer can renew your Iqama through the Absher or Muqeem online portals.

In conclusion, even though your sponsor takes care of getting and renewing your Iqama in Saudi Arabia, it’s still good for you to know about the costs and how it’s done. This way, you can make sure your Iqama stays up-to-date without any trouble.