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Iqama Renewal Fees for 2023

Saudi Arabia Iqama Renewal Fees 2023

Are you planning to renew your Iqama (residence permit) in Saudi Arabia in 2023? It’s important to be aware of the costs involved in the renewal process. In this article, we will provide an overview of the fees associated with Iqama renewal in Saudi Arabia, including the government fees, work permit fees, and dependent fees. Whether you’re a new resident or a long-time expat, this guide will help you navigate the Iqama renewal process with ease.

New Update: Increase in Iqama, Re-Entry Visa Renewal Fees for Expats Outside Saudi Arabia

MOI Iqama Issuance and Renewal Fees 2023

The cost to issue or renew an Iqama is SAR 650 per year, which can be paid in quarterly installments.

3 MonthsSAR 163
6 MonthsSAR 325
9 MonthsSAR 488
12 MonthsSAR 650

Work Permit Fee or Maktab Amal Fees 2023

The monthly cost for a work permit is SAR 800, and it must be paid for a minimum of three months at a time.

3 MonthsSAR 2,400
6 MonthsSAR 4,800
9 MonthsSAR 7,200
12 MonthsSAR 9,600

Expat Dependent Fees 2023

Expats residing in Saudi Arabia who sponsor family members are required to pay a dependent fee of SAR 400 per month for each dependent.

3 MonthsSAR 1,200
6 MonthsSAR 2,400
9 MonthsSAR 3,600
12 MonthsSAR 4,800


Find out how much it will cost to renew your Iqama using the calculator below. Choose the length of renewal and if you have dependents.

Saudi Arabia Iqama Renewal Fee Calculator

Duration of Renewal (in months):

Do you have dependents in your sponsorship?

Total Fees: SAR 0

Keep in mind that this iqama renewal fee calculation is just an estimation, and the actual cost may differ. Additionally, it does not include the cost of health insurance.

Work Permit Fee For Domestic Workers

Previously, domestic workers such as house drivers and maids were not subject to the work permit levy, but now they are. However, this fee only applies to the fifth domestic worker hired by a Saudi employer and the third domestic worker hired by a foreign employer. In other words, the work permit fee is not applicable to the first four domestic workers hired by Saudi employers or the first two domestic workers hired by foreign employers.

Levy Exemptions for Small Businesses

Businesses with less than nine employees, including a full-time Saudi national, are currently exempt from paying the fee for hiring expatriates for up to two workers until March 2024. This exemption increases to four workers if the business employs at least one Saudi citizen in addition to the full-time Saudi employer.

Iqama Renewal Process in Saudi Arabia

To successfully renew an Iqama in Saudi Arabia, the following requirements must be met:

  • MOI Iqama fee must be paid
  • The work permit fee must be paid
  • Any outstanding traffic fines must be paid
  • A valid health insurance policy must be in place
  • A dependent fee (if applicable) must be paid.

Once all the above requirements have been fulfilled, your employer can proceed with renewing your Iqama through the Absher or Muqeem online portals.

In conclusion, renewing an Iqama in Saudi Arabia requires meeting some requirements and paying various fees. By understanding the fees, including the MOI Iqama fee, work permit fee, and dependent fee, as well as the steps required, expats and employers can ensure a smooth renewal process. By staying informed and planning ahead, you can renew your Iqama without any major issues or delays.

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