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Check Health Insurance Validity through CCHI website

Iqama Health Insurance Check KSA

Medical insurance is mandatory for the issuance and renewal of iqama in Saudi Arabia. Medical insurance is a must for all expatriate residents and their family members living in KSA. You can check the validity of your health insurance by visiting the CCHI website. In order to check your health insurance status on the CCHI website, you need only an iqama number.

Visit the https://cchi.gov.sa website and follow the steps below:

The Council of Cooperative Health Insurance > E-Services > Insurance Companies E-Services > Insurance Information Inquire.

Alternatively, by clicking on the link below, you can directly enter the CCHI Insurance Check page.


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Select the language option as per your choice from the top of the page: English or Arabic

Enter your “Iqama Number” in the identity number column.

Also, enter the image code and click on “Ok” to continue.

In the next window, you will be able to view your complete medical insurance information.

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