Iqama Insurance

Health Insurance is Mandatory for Iqama Renewal. Medical Insurance is a must for all expat workers and their family members living in Saudi Arabia.
Without Medical Insurance, Iqama renewal is not possible.

Check Iqama Insurance Status on the MOI website

This is the simplest method to check insurance status.

Visit the Ministry of Interior website : “

Select English from the top-menu

Follow Electronic Inquiries > Passports

Select the “Public query Health Insurance Validity”

Check insurance

Enter your IQAMA NUMBER and press the the VIEW.

Insurance Validity Status

Next window you will get your Iqama Insurance (Health Insurance) status (Valid or Not)

Check Iqama Insurance Details in CCHI website

If you are looking for more details about your Iqama Insurance policy (health insurance), then you can follow the steps below.

Visit CCHI website

Visit “

The Council of Cooperative Health Insurance > E-Services > Insurance Companies E-Services > Insurance Information Inquire

Enter your ID/IQAMA NUMBER and IMAGE CODE then press the OK button.

Check insurance CCHI

Next window, you will get your policy number, insurance provider, issue and expiry date, insurance class details.

Insurance Validity in CCHI

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