Update Renewed Passport Information to MOI Absher / Naqal Maloomat Online

Here is how to update renewed passport to MOI. This process is also known as Naqal Maloomat.

Previously for Naqal Maloomat, both original and renewed passports are required to send Jawazat’s office to be updated. Now it can be done with Absher without visiting the Jawazat office.

In this way, both dependents and workers passport renewal information can be updated.

Worker’s Naqal Maloomath online procedure can be done through his sponsor’s Absher account.

Dependent’s Naqal Maloomat online procedure can be done by ‘head of household’ (Father or Husband) Absher Account.

Naqal Maloomath Online

This procedure can be done through both Absher online and Absher mobile app.


Visit https://moi.gov.sa

Login with your username and password

Go to Eservices > Passports > Update Resident Passport Information

Select the Individual name


Then enter the following details

  • Passport Update Type
  • New Passport Number
  • Optical Character Recognition (see above screen-shot)
  • New Passport Issue Date
  • New Passport Expiry Date
  • New Passport Issuance Country
  • New Passport Issuance City

Once you enter all the above information, click on the submit button.

That’s all.

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dear brothers,
i did update of dependent passport details ,, because in absher shows its expiry but actually its not expired ,, in mobile absher app i did the update and i receive the message
to my mobile as the depenedent passport updated ,, then recheck in the absher
still it remain the same ,,,expired date ..
then again i try to update the date ,,it gives message that once in 5 year only i can update
any one get me an advice …. or i have to go jawazath only? thx


Dear Members,
I just got my kids passport renewed from Embassy.
Now I need to do “Nakal Maloomat” on their passports.

The old passports are going to expire within Two (2) months. When I try to update the passport information for my kids, it says “Sorry! you cannot update the passport information. Please visit Jawazat…”

Can anybody please give me idea to what to in this case? The old passports are getting expired within Two (2) months. I can see the Alert Message on my Absher..but when I try to update through Mobile…it gives me this message.

Any idea/suggestion will be highly appreciated.


Faisal Munawar

Hi, Did you update the passport info? I am also receiving the same message while updating dependent passport Info through absher online (Mobile). Please advise. Thanks


I am also facing the the same problem. any update on this issue brothers? I am getting the same message “Sorry! you cannot update the passport information. Pelase visit Jawazat….”


I renewed the passport of my wife 9 months before since she will be travelling to India for 6-7 months. but I believe abhser app on phone says that we cannot change the passport number if the passport expiry of dependent is less than 6 months. How can I change it? Do I need to visit the Jawazat.


brother,i am facing same problem. i renew my son passport before 10 months. please guide me the procedure


just wait for a day or two and all the informations will be updated by the system..
like your dependent nakal maaloomat etc.


I tried to update, but after selecting the dependent it says visit Jawazaat for more information?
Have someone else faced the same?

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