Six conditions to extend a family visit visa through Absher

By Mohammed Ameen

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Six conditions to extend family visit visa via Absher

Jawazat has set some conditions for extending a family visa online. Following are the six conditions to extend visit visas through the Absher portal.

Conditions for extending a family visit visa through Absher

(1) The total period of visit visa after the extension does not exceed six months or 180 days from the date of entering the kingdom.

(2) While extending, the remaining period of the visa’s validity must be seven days or less, and not more than three days have passed since the expiry of the visa.

(3) Visa holders must be present inside the kingdom and must not have any unpaid traffic violations.

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(4) Medical insurance validity must cover the extension period.

(5) The visitor’s passport must be valid.

(6) Visit visa extension fees must be paid.

Family Visa Extension Conditions

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