Everything to Know About Saudi Arabia Family Visit Visa

By Mohammed Ameen

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All You Want to Know About New Visit Visa Rules in Saudi Arabia

Here is the most recent information about the family visit visa for expatriate residents, according to local media reports.

Two Types of Family Visit Visas.

Saudi Arabia currently issues two types of family visit visas to expatriate residents:

  • 3-Months Single-Entry Visit Visa
  • 1-Year Multi-Entry Visit Visa

Note: No more 2-year visit visa

Unified Visit Visa Fees for All Nationalities

For all nationalities, the fee for a single entry visit visa and a one-year multi-entry visit visa is SR 300.

Duration and Staying Period of Single-Entry Visit Visa

A single-entry visit visa will be valid for 90 days, which means within 90 days of visa stamping one can enter the kingdom.

On a single-entry visit visa, visitors will be allowed to stay up to 30 days (one month) and Jawazat will likely allow for an extension of the one-month stay period to further through Absher. 

Duration and Staying Period of 1-Year Multi-Entry Visa

On a one-year multiple entry visit visa, a visitor is allowed to stay a maximum of up to 3 months and it can be renewed for up to 6 months through Absher. Visitors will have to leave the Kingdom upon finishing 6 months in order to renew further. Once he re-entered the kingdom, upon 9th month again the visit visa can be renewed up to the validity (1 year) through Absher.

Health Insurance is mandatory to renew the visit visa. Here are the detailed instructions for how to renew your health insurance to extend your visit visa validity.

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