Family Visit Visa

How to Extend Family Visit Visas in Saudi Arabia

How to Extend Family Visit Visa

To renew a family visit visa in Saudi Arabia, you must pay the visit visa renewal fee (SR 100) to the Ministry of Interior via online banking or an ATM. Additionally, to extend a family visit visa, a valid health insurance policy is also required.

You can check the validity of your Visit Visa’s health insurance online, and if it has already expired, you can extend the policy online.

Procedure to Extend Family Visit Visa

Visit the Absher website:

Log in to Absher account with username and password

Click on “E-Services

Then Select “Passports

Select “Extend Visit Visa

Click on “Confirm” to Extend Visit Visa

Once completed, you will get a confirmation message “Successfully Extended Visit Visa” on your screen.

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