How to Extend Your Family Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia (2023 Guide)

Are you looking to extend a family visit visa in Saudi Arabia this year? We’ve explained it in this article. This simplified guide will walk you through the process, whether you hold a single or multiple-entry visa.

Understanding the Basics: Types of Family Visit Visas

  • Single Entry Visa: Starts with a 30-day validity and can be extended up to 8 times, giving a total of 270 days.
  • Multiple Entry Visa: Begins with a 90-day validity but does not allow extensions.
  • When to Apply? Either seven days before your visa expires or three days after. Even if your Iqama has expired, you’re still eligible to apply.

Step-by-Step Guide to Visa Extension

  1. Ensure Medical Insurance: Your medical insurance should be valid for the duration after your visa extension.
  2. Pay Extension Fees:
    • Regular fee: SR 100 for visa extensions.
    • Late fee: An extra SR 500 if applied within 3 days post-expiry.

Extending a Single Entry Visa through Absher:

  1. Access the Absher Portal.
  2. Visit “Services” > “Family Members Services”.
  3. Select “Extend Visit Visa” > “Proceed”.
  4. Displayed will be the family members under your sponsorship. Click on “Extend Visa”.
  5. Confirm details, accept the terms, and finalize by clicking “Extend Visit Visa”. Congratulations, you’ve added another 30 days!

How to Extend a Multiple Entry Visa via Tawasul:

Note: Currently, Jawazat has paused direct extensions for multiple visas, but Tawasul might help.


  • Prepare individual PDFs (maximum size of 1 MB) for every family member, including:
    1. Error message screenshot.
    2. Passport of the visa holder.
    3. Visa details from Absher.
    4. Insurance details.


  1. Access the Absher Portal.
  2. Click “Services” under “My Services”.
  3. Go to “Passports” > “Tawasul”.
  4. Start a “New Request” (in Arabic).
  5. Fill out the form and upload the previously prepared PDFs (ensure each PDF name is one word).
  6. Wait for around 24 hours for your visa extension.

Monitoring Your Extension Status:

  1. Sign in to Absher.
  2. Go to “General Services” > “Passports” > “Tawasul” > “Inquire for Requests”.
  3. Track your extension request here.

Alternative: Istiqdam for Extensions:

If you encounter issues online, Istiqdam is an offline service to help.

What You Need:

  • Schedule an Istiqdam appointment.
  • Collect essential documents like the visa holder’s passport, the sponsor’s Iqama, and evidence of medical insurance.
  • For medical emergencies, secure a doctor’s note.


  1. Head to the Jawazat office with your documents.
  2. The officer will evaluate and possibly grant the extension. In emergencies, an additional 15 days might be approved.


Extending your family visit visa in Saudi Arabia in 2023 is not as daunting as it might seem. Keep your documents ready, stick to the steps above, and relish extra moments with your loved ones.

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