All expatriates require a local sponsor to work in Saudi Arabia. Sponsorship transfer or Iqama Transfer are allowed from one employer to another. The sponsorship transfer is also known as Naqal Kafala or Tanazul. You can check the Iqama Transfer Status in Ministry of Labor – KSA website.

Check Iqama Transfer Status (Check Naqal Kafala)

Visit the Ministry of Labor website. Choose the sponsorship transfer option from the drop-down menu. This is an Arabic language website, no English version is available. Use the Google Chrome page translation to translate Arabic content into English.

Provide Iqama Number and Press the Button. (See Below Screenshot)

iqama transfer status

Here you will get the current employer name. Once your iqama transfer (naqal Kafala) request is accepted, you will see the new company or employer name.

iqama transfer check

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