How to Check Iqama Transfer (Naqal Kafala) Status in Saudi Arabia

Iqama Transfer Status / Naqal Kafala

Iqama Transfer, or Naqal Kafala, is a crucial process for expatriates working in Saudi Arabia. It refers to the transfer of sponsorship from one employer to another. If you are an expatriate, you must have a valid Iqama (residency permit) to stay and work in the country. To change employers, you need to transfer your sponsorship or “naqal kafala” to your new employer. This article will provide you with a simple guide on how to check your Iqama transfer status online to ensure that you are legally allowed to work for your new employer.

How to Check Iqama Transfer Status Online

Checking your Iqama transfer status is easy with the help of the MHRSD’s MOL KSA website. Please note that the website is only available in Arabic, so you may need to use a translator if you cannot read Arabic. Follow these steps to check your Iqama transfer status:

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  1. Go to the MHRSD’s MOL KSA website:
  2. From the first drop-down menu (fourth from the top), select “نقل خدمة عامل وافد,” which means “transfer of expatriate worker services.”
  3. Choose the Iqama number option and enter your Iqama number in the third field.
  4. Enter the image code and click on the Search button (green button).
  5. Next, at the bottom of the same page, you will be able to see your company name. If your Iqama transfer request has been accepted, you will see the name of your new employer or the old one.
Naqal Kafala, Sponsorship Transfer, How to check Iqama Transfer Status

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It is essential to keep track of your Iqama transfer status to ensure that you are legally allowed to work for your new employer in Saudi Arabia. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily check your Iqama transfer status online. If you encounter any issues during this process or need further assistance, it is advisable to contact your new employer or the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development for support. Stay informed and stay legal!

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