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How to Check ‘Huroob’ Status on Iqama

Huroob Status

Huroob is an Arabic word that means “runaway” or “absent from work.”. When a sponsor registers a runaway or absence from work complaint against his employee, he or she will become an illegal resident in Saudi Arabia.

Here is how to check iqama huroob status online. You can check the huroob status in two ways; via the Absher portal and on the MOL KSA website.

How to Check Huroob Status on Absher Website

This is a simple method to check the Iqama Huroob Status.

Visit the Absher website:

Try to log in with your username and password.

While you are in Huroob status, your Absher account will be inactive thus you will not be able to log in with the Absher website.

Check Iqama Huroob Status on MOL KSA website

You can also check Iqama Huroob Status on the Ministry of Labor website.

Visit the MOL KSA website:

Enter one of your ID numbers:

  • Border Number
  • Iqama Number
  • Passport Number

Enter the Image Code and click on the search button.

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If your Iqama Status is Invalid or Huroob Status, you will get employment status as متغيب عن العمل (Absent from Work)

Otherwise, (If the iqama status is normal), you will get employment status as علي رأس العمل (On the Duty).


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